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Motilal UK Books of India, is the world’s leading exporter of Indian academic books, working with more than 750 Indian publishers to supply academic titles to leading Universities and Libraries around the world. We are also the leading exporter of Academic titles from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal as well - according to what the Nielsen sales charts tell us! 

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India has a thriving English language publishing industry, covering a whole range of academic disciplines, textbooks and studies. Many of these are specific to Indian and Oriental studies and are not available through western publishers. These include titles on Indian religious studies, Indian Languages including Sanskrit and Pali, postcolonial studies and contemporary South Asian politics. Global topics are also covered extensively by Indian academic authors, giving universities and libraries the benefit of a unique cultural perspective from outside the European – American academic community.

Stocking Indian titles is therefore an extremely valuable resource for your academic readers, on all subjects, whether for students, researchers or educators.  India’s 300+ Universities depend on quality publishing and authors, and almost exclusively use Indian published titles today.

Why stock Indian academic books?

India has one of the fastest-growing technical economies in the world. This is fed by a thriving university network containing some of the best academic and engineering schools in the world. As with any university, Indian universities seek out the best resources from Academics around the world, but they mostly supplied by home-grown publishers with world-class academic studies specifically geared towards the high standards of Indian students who now account for 25% of the worlds graduates, and higher in Medicine, Computer science, and Engineering where India excels.

The advantage this offers British, American and European universities is through the wide use of English among Indian academic publishers. English is the official language of government, commerce and education in India, making thousands of academic titles immediately available to anyone in the world who reads English.  They are already widely used by students in the Middle East and Africa due to the competitive pricing, an important consideration for all students, everywhere.

Immediate access to thousands of Indian academic books

At Motilal (UK) Books Of India we give you access to these vast academic resources through our affordable import service. We have a continually growing catalogue of academic titles in stock, to which we add hundreds of new books each month. We can also use our preferred supplier partnership status with major Indian academic publishers to source textbooks and other Academic titles on demand at affordable rates. We hold 14,000 titles in our UK stock and Airfreight weekly to both the UK and USA.

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So, whether you are looking for a specific title or would like to broaden the academic resources available to your readers, get in touch today to find out what is available through Indian publishers.
For more information please call 01727 761677, or email to make a trade enquiry.  For orders big or small, we welcome your call!

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