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‘Introduction To Sanskrit (Part One)’ by Thomas Egenes

Introduction To Sanskrit (Part One)

Author: Thomas Egenes

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN: 978-93-9069-604-8 (HB), 978-81-9493-026-6 (PB)

Date: 2021 (First Revised Edition)

No. of Pages: 386 (HB), 408 (PB)

Genre: Language

Price: £36.99 (HB), £28.99 (PB)

The most important investment for any beginning Sanskrit student is a copy of Thomas Egene’s excellent Introduction to Sanskrit. This is a very competent introduction to the classical language which really suits the self-study student. It is very nicely designed and typeset, and contains may exercises, all of which have full answers. It is divided into two volumes, which are bought separately.

This book lays it all out, in easy to digest steps. It keeps it simple and helps build confidence with its repetition of nouns and verbs used in context of that lesson. The exercises with keys are helpful in testing one’s understanding. Also, it helps to do a combined study with a fried while going through this book and exercises.