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5 Best Jan 2019 Book Releases From Penguin Publishing India

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One of our favourite things at the beginning of each month is receiving the roundup of new publications from our Indian publication partners. December 2018 and January 2019 are particularly busy and exciting months for Penguin Random House India, which publishes English-language books in a wide range of genres by leading Indian authors.

Here are five highlights from Penguin’s latest release catalogue which are proving popular with readers and reviewers alike:


1) ‘Winter Companions & Other Stories’ by Neelum Saran Gour (ISBN: 9780140249897, £9.99, PB)

Winter Companions is a reissue of a compilation of short stories by Neelum Gour originally published in 1997. The new edition features original cover art and an improved layout. The stories themselves are timeless classics, spiced with humour, adventure and earnest humanity. Read them all in one sitting by a winter fire or return to them from time to time for companionship and solace. You will not be disappointed.


2) ‘The Age of Awakening’ by Amit Kapoor and Chirag Yadav (ISBN: 9780670090891, £14.99, HB)

The Age of Awakening is an economic history of post-independence India, written for the general reader. The book traces the economic history of India from independence, through partition, development, growth and the economic struggles after the 2008 recession. Amit Kapoor explains economic and trade concepts clearly and illustrates them with historical anecdotes. The Age of Awakening is packed with knowledge and insight, but is easy to read and extremely entertaining. This is a good book for readers interested in economics and history, and also for those with a general interest in contemporary India.


3) ‘The Bhagavata Purana’ (in 3 volumes) translated by Bibek Debroy (ISBNs vol 1: 9780143428015, £16.99, PB; vol 2: 9780143428022, £16.99, PB; vol 3: 9780143428039, £16.99, PB)

The Bhagavata Purana is ‘The King of Knowledge’ in Indian philosophy and is the key to understanding many of the spiritual principles of Hinduism. Many older translations into English are too dense for the general reader, or else mistranslate certain key concepts. Bibek Delroy’s new translation, now available in three paperback volumes, makes the classic of Indian spirituality accessible to English readers. Balancing scholarship and passion, the ancient text is translated into clear prose without losing any of the poetic beauty of the original. Bibek Delroy’s Bhagavata Purana is a spiritual masterpiece that is sure to attract a wide following.


4) ‘The Children of Destruction’ by Kuber Kaushik (ISBN: 9780143441151, £11.99, PB)

A supernatural thriller aimed at young adults from a master in the genre. With the assistance of a talking Fox companion and a host of supernatural abilities, troubled teenager Alice must thwart the plans of malevolent demonic forces who seek to exploit the cracks in the modern world. Weird, dark, quirky and difficult to put down, The Children of Destruction is a must read for fans of Terry Pratchet and Philip Pullman.


5) ‘A Dream I Lived Alone’ by Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Namrata Gupta Khan (ISBN: 9780670090860, £16.99, HB)

Iconic Indian musician Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan recalls his life story with the assistance of his daughter, in this engaging and moving autobiography. Now in his 80s, Khan narrates the path of his career from playing in graveyards as a boy, to his position as a living institution in Indian vocal music. As the story unfolds, Khan’s lyrical poetry assumes greater meaning and depth. A must for any fan of Indian traditional music.

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