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7 Unmissable New Titles From Harper Collins India


Harper Collins India have a great selection of new titles available EVERY month. These include no fewer than three new books by Khushwant Singh, alongside titles by lesser-known, up-and-coming Indian authors. Harper Collins India is one of the country’s most versatile publishing houses, spanning genres as diverse as poetry, film & cinema, Earth sciences and business studies. Here are seven highlights from this month’s releases.

1) ‘Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: The Man Who Unified India’ by Balraj Krishna (ISBN: 9789353024802, PB, £17.99)

Balraj Krishna’s new biography of Sardar Patel is an important contribution to the history of Indian independence and partition. Many Indians see the partition of the former British Raj into India, Bangladesh and Pakistan as a tragedy, but what is lesser-known is that partition could have been far worse were it not for the efforts of Sardar Patel. The original British independence strategy for post-war India would have seen the country further divided into two Pakistans – effectively ‘balkanising’ India to keep it divided and reducing its power. In Hindu-majority India, the plan envisioned a confederation of princely states under British tutorship, effectively ending the dream of independence activists for a unified, democratic India. Through patient and persistent diplomacy, Patel managed to foil this plan. This book is the story of the man and his achievements.

Title – The Man Who Unified India’

Author – Balraj Krishna

ISBN – 9789353024802

Price – £17.99


2) ‘The Gorakhnath Enlightenment: The Path to Om’ by Jayraj Salgaokar (ISBN: 9789353024840, PB, £14.99)

Gorakhnath is a little-known Mystic philosophy that underlines many of the yogic practices currently popular in India and throughout the Western world. Influenced by Buddhist Tantra and Indian Hatha Yoga, Gorakhnath is a path to ‘immortality’ that helps practitioners attain freedom from restriction and fulfilment of their true potential.

Title – The Path to Om

Author – Jayraj Salgaokar

ISBN – 9789353024840

Price – £14.99

3) ‘Hazaron Khawaishen Aisi: The Wonderful World of Urdu Ghazals’ by Anisur Rahman (ISBN 9789353023393, PB, £17.99)

Hazaron Khawaishen Aisi is a great introduction to the tradition of Urdu Ghazal poetry, which is unique to India. The author expresses great love for the tradition as he unpacks the history and style of Ghazal poetry. The book includes exquisite poems from 65 leading Ghazal poets, tracing the tradition from its inception to the present day. Each poem is provided in its Urdu original, alongside a Roman text transliteration and English translation.

Title – The Wonderful World of Urdu Ghazals

Author – Anisur Rahman

ISBN – 9789353023393

Price – £17.99


4) ‘What’s Good About Falling’ by Prajwal Hegde (ISBN: 9789353024642, PB, £10.50)

What’s Good About Falling is contemporary Indian romantic fiction at its best. Two high flying Indian sportspeople arise from difficult backgrounds and childhood health problems to become upcoming lights in their chosen sports – Arya in tennis and Arvind in cricket. As a romance develops between the pair, they face difficult decisions about career, family and the direction of their lives. A feel-good romance dedicated to the international young Indian generation.

Title – What’s Good About Falling

Author – Prajwal Hegde

ISBN – 9789353024642

Price – £10.50


5) ‘The Last Avatar’ (Age of Kalki #1) by Vishwas Mudagal (ISBN: 9789353024666, PB, £10.50)

Indian literature has inspired writers and poets for centuries. The Last Avatar is a fast-paced contemporary retelling of the TIME cycle associated with Kalki, the 10th and final avatar – or representative – of the god Vishnu. Vishwas Mudgal makes the traditional stories as riveting as any sci-fi or superhero novel. This is the first of a series of books centred on the Kalki avatar, one of the most enigmatic and perplexing figures in Indian religion.

Title – The Last Avatar

Author – Vishwas Mudagal

ISBN – 9789353024666

Price – £10.50


6) ‘UG Says… Everyday Thoughts by UG Krishnamurti, by Arun Babani (ISBN: 9789353024826, PB, £11.99)

Arun Babani’s thought-provoking compilation of the sayings of UG Krishnamurti is a timely contribution to the field of comparative religion and interreligious dialogue. Krishnamurti’s open-minded, non-dual religious philosophy transcended individual religions and sits uncomfortably with the atmosphere of religious tribalism prevalent in many parts of the world today. A good introduction to the thought and teaching of a great man.

Title – UG Says… Everyday Thoughts

Author – Arun Babani

ISBN – 9789353024826

Price – £11.99


7) ‘Ants Among Elephants’ by Sujata Gidla (ISBN: 9789353025038, PB, £11.99)

Ants Among Elephants is the remarkable story of a family from the Untouchable Caste – the lowest in the traditional Indian Caste hierarchy – and their struggle for social mobility in early modern India. Based on the experiences of the author, the book explains the different ways in which family members broke free of caste restrictions to become teachers, writers and political activists. Not many people talk about the caste system in modern India these days, although unofficial caste prejudice is still very real in some areas. Even when it is not, a low caste status in the past can cast a long shadow in terms of access to education, social facilities and employment opportunities.

Title – Ants Among Elephants

Author – Sujata Gidla

ISBN – 9789353025038

Price – £11.99

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