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Amritsar: A City in Remembrance correlatesAmritsar’s historical narratives with its material culture. An anthology of insightful essays by domain experts, it retraces the history and culture of Amritsar since its inception through landmark events that shaped the city and its people, to recent initiatives on the recovery of its multi-layered heritage.

“A remarkable achievement: a painstakingly researched, beautifully written and wonderfully photographed love-letter to Amritsar.”

William Dalrymple
Historian & Writer


“A stunning study of the complexities and dynamism of the heartland of Sikh spirituality, its informative and insightful chapters, integrated beautifully with artworks, and photographs by the legendary Raghu Rai, unfold centuries of vibrant processes and activities. Readers get a real feel of the multiple forces as they play out on this strategically located site—spiritual and commercial, local and global, rebuilding and renovating, historical and emotional, native and colonial, glorious and tragic…. The riveting text and spectacular visuals palpably draw us into sacred precincts, forts and army camps, palaces, treasuries, refugee camps, museums, bazaars, theaters… Indeed a magnificent achievement! Amritsar: A City in Remembrance looks forward towards an exciting shared future for humanity. A must for global audiences.”

Dr. Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh


Chair of the Department & Crawford Family Professor Religious Studies
“Amritsar, A City in Remembrance is a labour of love, filled with faith and history, art and architecture, authoritative essays and superb photographs. And it conveys a vital message for city-dwellers everywhere: in a world that seems hell-bent on change for change’s sake, it demonstrates again and again how dedication and creativity can restore and re-purpose the symbols of our shared past for future generations to enjoy.”

Geoffrey C. Ward


“A rich kaleidoscopic viewing of Amritsar that celebrates its many urban fragments, artifacts and the people that make the social, economic and material culture of this incredible historic city. A rigorous and insightful portrayal of how architecture, urban design and citizens have coalesced over time, within the public as well as sacred realms, to create, conserve and extend this unique urban landscape.”

Rahul Mehrotra

Architect and Professor of Urban Design and Planning, Harvard University.


Raghu Rai is an internationally acclaimed photographer and photojournalist with fifty-six books to his credit. A recipient of several notable awards and honours, he is the only living photographer in the world to have received the Académie Des Beaux Art Photography Award-William Klein in 2019, one of the highest international awards in photography. Gurmeet S. Rai, an architect with specialization in heritage, has worked on conservation of heritage sites, planning for historic areas and policy documents in both India and abroad. In 1996, she established CRCI India Pvt. Ltd., a leading firm in heritage practice in India. She has received the Award of Distinction from UNESCO for two projects under the Asia Pacific Architectural Heritage Awards in 2002 and 2004. Thereafter, for over fifteen years, she has been on the jury of the Asia Pacific Architectural Heritage Awards of UNESCO. She is currently a member of the steering committee of the TERRA 2022, the World Congress on Earthen Architectural Heritage, to be organized by Getty Conservation Institute in Santa Fe, USA. In 2021, she was appointed as heritage specialist for the conservation planning of the Parliament House in New Delhi.

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Sterling line-up of contributors

Photographs by Raghu Rai
Additional visuals sourced from private collections and public archives worldwide
Rare maps and drawings from CRCI Pvt. Ltd.
Covers a vast range of topics on Amritsar and Punjab
Recommended by William Dalrymple, Rahul Mehrotra, Geoffrey C. Ward, Nikky Guninder Singh

Conservation and heritage experts, architects, historians, sociologists, artists, photographers, photojournalists, government agencies, ministries, educational insitutions, students, libraries, general trade