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‘Artificial Intelligence For Managers’ – Malay A. Upadhyay

Author: Malay A. Upadhyay

Publisher: BPB Publications

ISBN: 9389898382

Date: 17-Sep-2020

No. of Pages: 180

Genre: Computer Science

Price: £13.99


Malay A. Upadhyay is a Customer Journey executive, certified in Machine Learning. Over the course of his role heading the function at a N. American AI SaaS firm in Toronto, Malay trained 150+ N. American managers on the basics of AI and its successful adoption, held executive thought leadership sessions for CEOs and CHROs on AI strategy & IT modernization roadmaps, and worked as the primary liaison to realize AI value on unique customer datasets. It was here that he learnt the growing need for greater knowledge and awareness of how to use AI both responsibly and successfully.

Malay was also one of 25 individuals chosen globally to envision the industrial future for the Marzotto Group, Italy, on its 175th anniversary. He holds an MBA, M.Sc. and B.E., with experiences across India, UAE, Italy and Canada.


Most AI initiatives in organizations fail today not because of a lack of good AI solutions, but because of a lack of understanding of AI among its end users, decision makers and investors. Today, organizations need managers who can leverage AI to solve business problems and provide a competitive advantage. This book is designed to enable you to fill that need, and create an edge for your career.

The chapters offer unique managerial frameworks to guide an organization’s AI journey. The first section looks at what AI is; and how you can prepare for it, decide when to use it, and avoid pitfalls on the way. The second section dives into the different AI techniques and shows you where to apply them in business. The final section then prepares you from a strategic AI leadership perspective to lead the future of organizations.

By the end of the book, you will be ready to offer any organization the capability to use AI successfully and responsibly – a need that is fast becoming a necessity.