Book Review: ‘Tales From The Himalaya’ By Henry Edmundson (ISBN 9789937933032) £49.50 [PB]

One of the most comprehensive books on the Himalayan mountain range on the market, Henry Edmundson’s Tales from the Himalaya was published by Vajra Books in June 2019. It provides readers with an in-depth look at the religious, scientific, political and cultural aspects affecting the region, from the perspective of a seasoned mountaineer.

What’s ‘Tales From The Himalaya’ About?

Henry Edmundson has spent many years of his life getting to know the Himalayan region, both by climbing its majestic mountains and by studying the area’s history and culture. His remarkable new guide to the area, Tales from the Himalaya, is divided into four sections, each of which considers the region from a different angle.

Firstly, the author investigates religion, telling the tale of Tibetan Buddhism and its impact on the area. Secondly, he examines the mountains from a scientific point of view, discussing the efforts made by experts to understand how they were formed and the fact that earthquakes pose a constant threat.

In the third section, Edmundson talks about how the political situation in the region has changed throughout history. He details how the area fared under the British Raj, for example, as well as how it was affected by the Chinese takeover of Tibet. In the final section, ‘Society’, he discusses rural life in the Himalayan foothills, focussing on the challenges that those living and working there have faced over the years.

Featuring 171 stunning illustrations, including both modern and archival photographs, as well as 11 detailed maps of the area, this fascinating work will delight readers everywhere. A blend of reference book and travel guide, it boasts an extensive bibliography.

The Himalayan Journal 2019 released a glowing review, of which we provide a short excerpt:

‘With remarkable pictures, illustrations and maps, Henry Edmundson has brought to life each of these stories [religion, science, politics, society]. The gripping accounts, his insight and depth while presenting an understanding of the entire Himalayan region is unique and outstanding. This book is a rare combination of history, geography, society and politics that can cater to a wide range of audience.’

You can check out more reviews of this incredible release on the title’s official website here, but here are some choice quotes that I think perfectly capture what this book truly means to us:

‘A tour de force if ever there was one! Wide-ranging doesn’t even start to describe the book! It is wonderfully well produced, and the great photos and images add so much. Many congratulations! It deserves to be very widely read.’

General Sir Sam Cowan, Colonel Commandant of the Brigade of Gurkhas, author of “Essays on Nepal”

‘Edmundson has set himself a wonderful canvas. Tales from the Himalaya recounts gripping episodes whose political fallout continues and will affect the region for the foreseeable future. This is a timely book. The author brings to the subject a unique perspective as both explorer and analyst.’

Suman Dubey, former editor of Indian Express, managing editor of India Today and one-time media advisor to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Who Is The Book Written For?

Mountaineers, trekkers, travel lovers, and geography buffs will all adore Tales from the Himalaya. If you’ve never been lucky enough to visit the region, Edmundson’s work may well inspire you to book a trip. Those who’ve already experienced what the Himalayas have to offer, meanwhile, will be able to remind themselves about their journeys while learning more about the awe-inspiring mountain range. This book will also appeal to history fans, those seeking to gain an understanding of other cultures, and anyone who loves photography.

As the Nepali Times recently stated, ‘’Edmundson has put a huge amount of work into this book, in terms of research, gathering illustrations and maps, and the sheer exertion of undertaking trips across some of the most arduous terrain on Earth.’

The review sums up our feelings quite succinctly with its opening line: ‘If there is one book you must set aside, either for new year holiday reading or as a Christmas gift to a fellow traveller, it would be Tales from the Himalaya’.

About Henry Edmundson

Edmundson is a member of the Himalayan Club. He has trekked and climbed the Nepalese, Bhutanese and Indian Himalayas, as well as other well-known mountain ranges. Tales from the Himalaya is his second published work of non-fiction.

How To Purchase

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Educational Books From India – The Top 4 Bestsellers In The UK Last Year

According to the latest report by Nielsen BookData, many of the bestselling English-language books by Indian publishers in the UK during 2018 are either discussed or studied in-depth as bestselling English-language books by Indian publishers art of national curriculum subjects. Read on to discover more about the titles that made it into the top five.

1) Mein Kampf By Adolf Hitler (ISBN 9788172241643)

Hitler wrote this controversial work, which is part manifesto and part autobiography, while in prison after the Beer Hall Putsch (the Nazi party’s failed attempt to seize power in 1923). It topped the list of Indian books sold in the UK during 2018, highlighting its significance to historians and students.

2) Animal Farm By George Orwell (ISBNs 9789380005218 and 9788129116123)

This novella made it to numbers two and three on the list, with two Indian editions being sold in impressive quantities. It’s an allegorical representation of the Russian Revolution in the form of a story of an ill-fated rebellion by farm animals.

3) The Theory Of Everything: The Origin and Fate Of The Universe By Stephen Hawking (ISBN 9788179927939)

The late Stephen Hawking’s impact on physics and cosmology earned him a place on the curriculum, with students being introduced to some of his theories in science lessons. The Theory of Everything is a collection of seven accessible essays which will fascinate astrophysics fans.

4) The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank (ISBN 9788172345198)

This world-famous and powerful non-fiction book is a must-read for students learning about the Holocaust. It’s the diary of a Jewish teenage girl who, together with her family, was forced to hide from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic for two years.

Ordering Indian Academic Titles

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Book Review: The Skipper’s Diary By Richard Hadlee – A Motilal Books Exclusive £29.99 Hardback ISBN 9780957808980

We are extremely excited about the release of The Skipper’s Diary – the new book by Kiwi cricketing legend Sir Richard Hadlee, distributed exclusively by Motilal Books from 2nd October 2019. Sir Richard “Paddles” Hadlee is one of New Zealand’s most famous cricketing exports, recognised as one of the best test match bowlers and all rounders of all time. In a 17 year career spanning 1973 to 1990, Sir Richard took 431 wickets, which was the world record at the time.

Remembering The Forty-Niners

The Skipper’s Diary, however, focuses not on Sir Richard’s career but on that of his father, the equally legendary Walter Hadlee. Walter, who died in 2006, was a former captain of the New Zealand Cricket Team and led the side during the team’s 1949 test match tour of England. This was the cricketing season that bought the Kiwis from relative obscurity – having never won a test match – to the heart of the international scene, a position they retain to this day.

The Skipper’s Diary tells the full story of the ‘Forty-Niners’, drawing from the diary of Walter Hadlee, in-depth interviews with five players, plus several former coaches and cricket historians.

The result is a touching, funny and evocative narrative, vividly recalling the excitement of the summer of ‘49, and the great achievements of the New Zealand cricket team. In his signature style, Sir Richard weaves together jokes, anecdotes, photographs, and memoirs into an unmissable icon of cricketing history.


The Skipper’s Diary is available for £29.99 in hardback from all good UK book shops and online sellers including Amazon UK and Amazon US.

More on cricket from Richard Hadlee…

You can read more on Sir Richard Hadlee’s cricketing thoughts in his latest interview with The Cricketer. ‘Remember in our day we were amateurs,’ he told the magazine. ‘It wasn’t until the 1980s that I become a professional… In the 1990s players started becoming semi-professional, and only in the 2000s did players devote enough time to training.’

The new release also touches on New Zealand’s recent World Cup defeat. ‘We were unlucky, but we are not controversial, we are not confrontational. Yes we can compete, yes we want to win, but if there’s a spirit of cricket award, we’d win it every time.’

Pick up your copy of The Cricketer to read the full interview!

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Book Review: ‘India Positive: New Essays & Selected Columns – Simple Takes on India’s Burning Issues’ By Chetan Bhagat (ISBN 9781542044165)

India Positive: New Essays and Selected Columns is an exciting new collection of non-fiction pieces by Chetan Bhagat, the best-selling Indian author. In this book, published by Westland Publishing in 2019, Bhagat discusses issues relating to India’s recent political, economic and social past, and its potential future.

What’s ‘India Positive’ About?

In these thought-provoking essays and columns, Chetan Bhagat challenges the popular view that nothing in India has changed during the last decade and discusses ways in which members of the public can play their part in the nation’s development. It includes an array of intriguing pieces, which are divided into four themed sections: ‘Indian Society, Indian Culture’; ‘Politics, India-Style’; ‘Indianomics; and ‘Young India’.

Bhagat addresses a host of contemporary issues within India Positive, such as how young Indians’ employment prospects can be improved, the functionality of the country’s healthcare system, and ways in which India can deal with the challenges posed by the Internet and social media. He believes that party politics should take a backseat when the state of the nation is at stake and thus adopts an unbiased approach to the subjects that he considers. Although he analyses India’s failings, Bhagat’s message is one of optimism. He leaves the reader with the feeling that they could become what he terms an ‘India Positive Citizen’ and help the nation to become a truly progressive one.

Of note, however, is that Bhagat makes no mention of some of the most pressing issues in today’s India: environmentalism, or a lack thereof. Climate change, global warming and pollution are just a few hot-button topics that continue to go unaddressed…

Who Is The Book Written For?

Written in an engaging and accessible style, India Positive will be of interest to readers who want to learn more about the challenges and opportunities modern India is facing. The essays and commentaries within it also give readers an overview of how the country developed politically, socially and economically between 2009 and 2019, providing those who aren’t well-versed in the subject with a superb introduction to it.

However, this book differs from others of its ilk in that the author focusses on potential solutions to India’s seemingly stagnated development. Therefore, it’s an appealing option for anyone trying to understand how the average Indian can contribute to his or her country’s future success.

About Chetan Bhagat

One of India’s most successful and internationally well-recognised authors, Chetan Bhagat has previously had eight novels, including Five Point Someone and The Girl in Room 105, and two non-fiction books published. More than twelve million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. He is also an award-winning screenwriter, and a columnist for Dainik Bhaskar and the Times of India.

Buying Trade Copies Of This Title

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Nepalese Trekking: Three Of The Best Routes In The Himalayas & Karakorum

With their deep spirituality and dramatic scenery, the Himalayas and Karakorum are powerful destinations. From gentle treks through remote ranges to some of the most challenging mountain climbing in the world, Nepal has something for everyone. Often, the hikes surrounding the great giants of the sky are as much of a treat as scaling the peaks, meaning that maps of the region are seeing a surge in popularity.

Here is our guide to three of the most stunning hiking routes in the Himalayas and Karakorum.

1) The Annapurna Circuit

9789937806220, Around Annapurna – trekking map, £7.99

9789937810913, Annapurna base camp trek, £7.99

Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain in the world. Its chocolate-box peaks bask in a 2,946 square mile conservation zone, which presents the dramatic backdrop for the renowned Circuit Trail. 145 miles long, the Circuit kisses the Tibetan Plateau as it rises gracefully to an altitude of 5416 meters. Passing through river valleys, waterfalls, subtropical forests, and traditional Hindu villages, the Circuit has earned itself a reputation as being one of the best treks in the world.

The Annapurna Circuit is popular but is not an easy walk. The well-publicised accident in 2014 did nothing to dent the reputation of the trail, but it did reinforce the need for high-quality maps. Annapurna is terrain to be taken seriously, and today’s trekkers will be sure to pack the latest guide.

2) MOUNT K2 Climbing Map, £16.50, 9789937577960

With its stark name and deadly reputation, K2 has earned itself a formidable place in mountaineering history. Part of this is due to its otherworldly location, which is one of the most remote – and staggeringly beautiful – in the Karakoram. Simply getting to K2 is an endeavour in itself, but the unique geology of the area has made the footpath to K2 Base Camp, the Baltoro Glacier, a desirable trekking destination. A moonscape of greys and granites, the Baltoro Glacier is a natural walkway in an otherwise inaccessible realm.

As glaciers are active, their typology changes. This is particularly true in the Karakorum, which features sheer rock walls held together with ice. Fierce winds screech through the valley during the winter, meaning that the landscape can look very different from one summer trekking season to another. Regularly updated maps are an absolute must for hikers and climbers.

3) Langtang, 9789937577403, Langtang trekking map, £8.50

To experience the spirituality of the Himalayas without having to spend weeks on a hike, Langtang is one of the most underrated treks around. Located close to Kathmandu and offering striking views of the Annapurna Massif, the Langtang Trek combines short walks, a low altitude, and dazzling valley scenery. Hikers can expect lush forests, rolling meadows, and beguiling yak pastures. The traditional Langtang route passes by Kyangjin Gompa – an ancient Buddhist monastery – for a walk that exudes peace and tranquillity.

Langtang was heavily damaged in the 2015 Nepalese earthquake. Villagers were forced to temporarily relocate and, as of 2019, re-building is on-going. From a practical perspective, this has meant the need for new maps that reflect the topographical changes and alterations to rest stops. The area is vibrant, and travellers are warmly welcomed, so the popularity of the area is undimmed.

Main Audiences

These maps are growing in popularity. Our audiences include:

  • Serious hikers
  • Teachers/schools
  • Mountaineers
  • Expedition planners
  • Mountaineering societies (such as the Alpine Clubs)
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Map collectors and enthusiasts

These three adventures are just a taste of what the Himalaya and Karakorum ranges offer. We stock regularly updated maps and guides for the areas surrounding each of the 8000m peaks, including their base camps and summit routes. For more information please call 01727 761677.

Image source: Pixabay

Book Review: ‘India Unmade: How The Modi Government Broke The Economy’ by Yashwant Sinha & Aditya Sinha (ISBN 9789386228864, HB, £21.99)

India’s Juggernaut Press have kick-started 2019 in assertive fashion with India Unmade: How The Modi Government Broke The Economy a bold and confrontational indictment of the administration of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Title – India Unmade: How The Modi Government Broke The Economy​

Author – Yashwant Sinha & Aditya Sinha​

ISBN – 9789386228864​

Price – £21.99

What Is The Book About?

Narendra Modi is a controversial figure in India. Following his election in 2014 he was seen by many as a kind of Indian Tony Blair, a unity figure with positive economic policies to spearhead India’s recovery from the 2008 global recession. Four years later and Modi’s legacy is ambivalent. His government has been dogged by corruption scandals and – perhaps more seriously – is now under fire from some of its previously staunchest supporters.

Former government minister Yashwant Sinha is one such person. Having previously played a key role in getting Modi elected in 2014, he now holds no punches in his devastating critique of the Modi government’s economic policies.

Sinha paints a grim picture of a modern India in the grip of stagnation; lacking adequate construction controls, with poor public transport infrastructure, runaway air pollution, unmanageable traffic, corrupt local authorities and endemic unemployment, all of which are true and still a challenge to any government.

The author’s primary criticism is of the Modi government decision to de-monetise the Indian currency in November 2016, which Sinha describes as a ‘whimsical decision’ and a ‘catastrophe’. With venomous and entertaining prose, Sinha goes on to lay into the government’s industrial policy, which he describes as encouraging malaise in the economy.

Critical scrutiny is also given to the Modi government’s record for honest reporting. According to Sinha, Indian unemployment figures have been fudged by excluding workers in the informal economy. These include poorly and irregularly paid rickshaw drivers, street food sellers and cleaners, millions of whom live below the poverty line.

The government’s official growth figures – of 7.35% each year since 2014 – have also been falsified, according to Sinha. The author questions where this growth has occurred, in the absence of government investment, and in the face of stagnation in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Tax revenue is also down, despite the tax base being theoretically raised – a direct result of the Modi government’s alleged economic mismanagement over the past four years.

Who Will Enjoy This Book?

Sinha’s abrasive polemic against the Modi government will no doubt have wide popular appeal in India among the government’s opponents. The written style is harsh and unrelenting but also balanced in its arguments. Readers who enjoy a good political takedown will probably enjoy this book, as will students of contemporary Indian and Asian politics. However, the fact is that Modi is incredibly popular with the majority, as can be seen in the 2019 election results.

Quality Indian Books From Motilal Books

Juggernaut Press is one of the most dynamic of India’s independent publishers. Every year it publishes a wide range of political and social works, alongside other genres from self-help to science-fiction. We stock all titles by Juggernaut Press, including all the new releases, so please click here to check our current availability. To place an order of India Unmade for your home, college or library, please call 01727 761 677.

7 Unmissable New Titles From Harper Collins India


Harper Collins India have a great selection of new titles available EVERY month. These include no fewer than three new books by Khushwant Singh, alongside titles by lesser-known, up-and-coming Indian authors. Harper Collins India is one of the country’s most versatile publishing houses, spanning genres as diverse as poetry, film & cinema, Earth sciences and business studies. Here are seven highlights from this month’s releases.

1) ‘Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel: The Man Who Unified India’ by Balraj Krishna (ISBN: 9789353024802, PB, £17.99)

Balraj Krishna’s new biography of Sardar Patel is an important contribution to the history of Indian independence and partition. Many Indians see the partition of the former British Raj into India, Bangladesh and Pakistan as a tragedy, but what is lesser-known is that partition could have been far worse were it not for the efforts of Sardar Patel. The original British independence strategy for post-war India would have seen the country further divided into two Pakistans – effectively ‘balkanising’ India to keep it divided and reducing its power. In Hindu-majority India, the plan envisioned a confederation of princely states under British tutorship, effectively ending the dream of independence activists for a unified, democratic India. Through patient and persistent diplomacy, Patel managed to foil this plan. This book is the story of the man and his achievements.

Title – The Man Who Unified India’

Author – Balraj Krishna

ISBN – 9789353024802

Price – £17.99


2) ‘The Gorakhnath Enlightenment: The Path to Om’ by Jayraj Salgaokar (ISBN: 9789353024840, PB, £14.99)

Gorakhnath is a little-known Mystic philosophy that underlines many of the yogic practices currently popular in India and throughout the Western world. Influenced by Buddhist Tantra and Indian Hatha Yoga, Gorakhnath is a path to ‘immortality’ that helps practitioners attain freedom from restriction and fulfilment of their true potential.

Title – The Path to Om

Author – Jayraj Salgaokar

ISBN – 9789353024840

Price – £14.99

3) ‘Hazaron Khawaishen Aisi: The Wonderful World of Urdu Ghazals’ by Anisur Rahman (ISBN 9789353023393, PB, £17.99)

Hazaron Khawaishen Aisi is a great introduction to the tradition of Urdu Ghazal poetry, which is unique to India. The author expresses great love for the tradition as he unpacks the history and style of Ghazal poetry. The book includes exquisite poems from 65 leading Ghazal poets, tracing the tradition from its inception to the present day. Each poem is provided in its Urdu original, alongside a Roman text transliteration and English translation.

Title – The Wonderful World of Urdu Ghazals

Author – Anisur Rahman

ISBN – 9789353023393

Price – £17.99


4) ‘What’s Good About Falling’ by Prajwal Hegde (ISBN: 9789353024642, PB, £10.50)

What’s Good About Falling is contemporary Indian romantic fiction at its best. Two high flying Indian sportspeople arise from difficult backgrounds and childhood health problems to become upcoming lights in their chosen sports – Arya in tennis and Arvind in cricket. As a romance develops between the pair, they face difficult decisions about career, family and the direction of their lives. A feel-good romance dedicated to the international young Indian generation.

Title – What’s Good About Falling

Author – Prajwal Hegde

ISBN – 9789353024642

Price – £10.50


5) ‘The Last Avatar’ (Age of Kalki #1) by Vishwas Mudagal (ISBN: 9789353024666, PB, £10.50)

Indian literature has inspired writers and poets for centuries. The Last Avatar is a fast-paced contemporary retelling of the TIME cycle associated with Kalki, the 10th and final avatar – or representative – of the god Vishnu. Vishwas Mudgal makes the traditional stories as riveting as any sci-fi or superhero novel. This is the first of a series of books centred on the Kalki avatar, one of the most enigmatic and perplexing figures in Indian religion.

Title – The Last Avatar

Author – Vishwas Mudagal

ISBN – 9789353024666

Price – £10.50


6) ‘UG Says… Everyday Thoughts by UG Krishnamurti, by Arun Babani (ISBN: 9789353024826, PB, £11.99)

Arun Babani’s thought-provoking compilation of the sayings of UG Krishnamurti is a timely contribution to the field of comparative religion and interreligious dialogue. Krishnamurti’s open-minded, non-dual religious philosophy transcended individual religions and sits uncomfortably with the atmosphere of religious tribalism prevalent in many parts of the world today. A good introduction to the thought and teaching of a great man.

Title – UG Says… Everyday Thoughts

Author – Arun Babani

ISBN – 9789353024826

Price – £11.99


7) ‘Ants Among Elephants’ by Sujata Gidla (ISBN: 9789353025038, PB, £11.99)

Ants Among Elephants is the remarkable story of a family from the Untouchable Caste – the lowest in the traditional Indian Caste hierarchy – and their struggle for social mobility in early modern India. Based on the experiences of the author, the book explains the different ways in which family members broke free of caste restrictions to become teachers, writers and political activists. Not many people talk about the caste system in modern India these days, although unofficial caste prejudice is still very real in some areas. Even when it is not, a low caste status in the past can cast a long shadow in terms of access to education, social facilities and employment opportunities.

Title – Ants Among Elephants

Author – Sujata Gidla

ISBN – 9789353025038

Price – £11.99

Find Out More

These and many other Harper Collins publications are available to order through Motilal Books. We keep more than 15,000 titles in stock at our UK warehouse, with 700 to 1000 new publications listed from India each month. To order books for your bookshop or library, please call 01727 761 677.

To find out more about the benefits of stocking Indian publications, please download our free Independent Book Sellers Guide To Books From India.

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5 Best Jan 2019 Book Releases From Penguin Publishing India

Image source:

One of our favourite things at the beginning of each month is receiving the roundup of new publications from our Indian publication partners. December 2018 and January 2019 are particularly busy and exciting months for Penguin Random House India, which publishes English-language books in a wide range of genres by leading Indian authors.

Here are five highlights from Penguin’s latest release catalogue which are proving popular with readers and reviewers alike:


1) ‘Winter Companions & Other Stories’ by Neelum Saran Gour (ISBN: 9780140249897, £9.99, PB)

Winter Companions is a reissue of a compilation of short stories by Neelum Gour originally published in 1997. The new edition features original cover art and an improved layout. The stories themselves are timeless classics, spiced with humour, adventure and earnest humanity. Read them all in one sitting by a winter fire or return to them from time to time for companionship and solace. You will not be disappointed.


2) ‘The Age of Awakening’ by Amit Kapoor and Chirag Yadav (ISBN: 9780670090891, £14.99, HB)

The Age of Awakening is an economic history of post-independence India, written for the general reader. The book traces the economic history of India from independence, through partition, development, growth and the economic struggles after the 2008 recession. Amit Kapoor explains economic and trade concepts clearly and illustrates them with historical anecdotes. The Age of Awakening is packed with knowledge and insight, but is easy to read and extremely entertaining. This is a good book for readers interested in economics and history, and also for those with a general interest in contemporary India.


3) ‘The Bhagavata Purana’ (in 3 volumes) translated by Bibek Debroy (ISBNs vol 1: 9780143428015, £16.99, PB; vol 2: 9780143428022, £16.99, PB; vol 3: 9780143428039, £16.99, PB)

The Bhagavata Purana is ‘The King of Knowledge’ in Indian philosophy and is the key to understanding many of the spiritual principles of Hinduism. Many older translations into English are too dense for the general reader, or else mistranslate certain key concepts. Bibek Delroy’s new translation, now available in three paperback volumes, makes the classic of Indian spirituality accessible to English readers. Balancing scholarship and passion, the ancient text is translated into clear prose without losing any of the poetic beauty of the original. Bibek Delroy’s Bhagavata Purana is a spiritual masterpiece that is sure to attract a wide following.


4) ‘The Children of Destruction’ by Kuber Kaushik (ISBN: 9780143441151, £11.99, PB)

A supernatural thriller aimed at young adults from a master in the genre. With the assistance of a talking Fox companion and a host of supernatural abilities, troubled teenager Alice must thwart the plans of malevolent demonic forces who seek to exploit the cracks in the modern world. Weird, dark, quirky and difficult to put down, The Children of Destruction is a must read for fans of Terry Pratchet and Philip Pullman.


5) ‘A Dream I Lived Alone’ by Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Namrata Gupta Khan (ISBN: 9780670090860, £16.99, HB)

Iconic Indian musician Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan recalls his life story with the assistance of his daughter, in this engaging and moving autobiography. Now in his 80s, Khan narrates the path of his career from playing in graveyards as a boy, to his position as a living institution in Indian vocal music. As the story unfolds, Khan’s lyrical poetry assumes greater meaning and depth. A must for any fan of Indian traditional music.

All The New Penguin Releases From Motilal Books

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We’re flying out to New York for Book Expo America 2019 on 29th to 31st May! We can hardly wait, and as we are not exhibiting this time round – just taking part as delegates – we’ll have plenty of time to meet distributors and retails, academic library suppliers and promote Indian and South Asian publishing in general.

An Exciting Time For Indian Publishers

Why go all the way to NYC for a book expo? Because Book Expo America is one of the most important annual events for the US publishing industry and a leading literary expo for the international publishing sector as well. Among the exhibitors and attendees are thousands of distributors, agents and publishers from around the world, coming together to celebrate literary culture and share experience in a wide range of fields.

***** A few of our Indian publishing partners will be represented at the event, which is an exciting development because the USA is the largest English book market worldwide. Many of our customers there are distributors and book retailers serving the US academic market, so the event gives us the opportunity to connect with this sector and expand the range of genres and titles demanded by American readers.

What’s Happening At The Event?

Book Expo America is a large event spanning several days and featuring booths from some of the world’s leading publishing houses, among them Penguin Random House and HarperCollins, as well as hundreds of independent businesses from across the USA and beyond. There is a full schedule of talks, discussion panels and seminars from leading international authors, and a variety of networking events for publishers, authors and distributors.

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Book Review: ‘Mothering A Muslim’ by Nazia Erum

Nazia Erum’s latest book, ‘Mothering a Muslim: The Dark Secret in our Schools and Playgrounds’ may sound like a parenting manual but it is much more than that. Erum has written a rare portrayal of middle-class Muslim mothering in multi-faith India, and an essential heart-breaking expose of the religious-based bullying and discrimination that runs through society right down to the schools and playgrounds. This prejudice is voiced by children who are echoing the prejudices they hear at home and in the media. ‘Mothering a Muslim’ was published by Juggernaut Books in January 2018.




Title – Mothering A Muslim

Author – Nazia Erum

ISBN – 9789386228536

Price – £15.99

A Personal Journey

Erum, an author, entrepreneur and fashion designer, first came to consider this subject when she was pregnant with her own child. She began to think of baby names, a common dilemma for every expecting parent, but hers ran deeper – whether she should give her baby an overtly Muslim name, and risk subjecting her child to name-calling, taunting and bullying just because of their faith.

She went on to interview Muslim families across 12 cities in India, finding that such bullying was widespread but that schools and society were not willing to tackle the elephant in the room. Children were being targeted as early as preschool for their names, clothes and the food they ate. The school system further emphasised the faith divide by splitting the children by their third language choice, with those choosing Urdu being largely Muslims. This meant that children did not have the chance to interact and build friendships with those of other religions.

A Voice For Muslim Women

In ‘Mothering a Muslim’, Erum gives a voice to what she calls ‘the authentic Muslim woman’. Now more than ever before are Muslim women discussed in the media but rarely do we hear from them in their own words.

Whilst this book describes the current situation in India, there are many parallels to the UK – a multi-faith population with tensions running high and negative portrayals of Muslims appearing often in the news. The topics broached in Erum’s book are just as important in the UK, and this would be a valuable and eye-opening read for any parent, educator or politician who might interact with those of other faiths and cultures. On a wider scale, it would appeal to the general reader as a chance to delve into interfaith relationships in society and contemplate the long-term effects of intolerance and discrimination. The urgency and skill with which Erum deals with these sensitive topics is remarkable.

About Nazia Erum

Nazia Erum has many talents, from journalist, researcher, author, and commentator on gender and inter-faith issues, to fashion designer and entrepreneur. She runs, a women’s workwear brand. After her experiences writing ‘Mothering a Muslim’, she began the #MotherAgainstBullying movement, which she says is for every child growing up in this day and age, not just for Muslim children. Erum said on this movement: “Hate swallows everybody. Each one of us needs to be on this and stand together”. This is exactly what she tries to tackle in ‘Mothering a Muslim’.

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