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Book Review: Ceylon Cookery By Chandra Dissanayake

Stamford Lake Book House | ISBN: 9789558733066 | £19.99, hardback

We are delighted that Ceylon Cookery, the classic Sri Lankan cookbook now in its fifth edition, is available through Motilal Books. In a country that takes its culinary accomplishments very seriously indeed, it is no small compliment that Ceylon Cookery has for years been the bestselling cookbook within Sri Lanka.

From the most accomplished professional chef to the lowliest amateur household, most people you speak to with a passing interest in cookery in Sri Lanka will have heard of this book – giving it the equivalent status to the popular River Cottage cookbooks here in the UK. It is somewhat of a surprise, therefore, that Ceylon Cookery was virtually unheard of in the West until 2009, outside of Sri Lankan emigre communities.

With a good value hardback edition now available through Stamford Lake Book House, the situation has changed. This unique cookbook delves into the rich tradition of Sri Lankan cookery, a style that has some similarities with Southern Indian cooking, while retaining a character all of its own. Ceylon Cookery can be approached on a number of levels. Many readers will be content to dive in to the basic recipe section, while others may wish to explore detailed preparation instructions, the authentic Singhala names and significance of key ingredients, and the background to traditional recipes.

For a reader familiar with Sri Lanka, or of Sri Lankan heritage, this book will be like coming home. For a Westerner, Ceylon Cookery offers a view of Indian cooking very distinct from the common styles enjoyed in the UK. It is a treasure trove of new ideas, exotic ingredients and exciting culinary traditions.



Title – Ceylon Cookery

Author – Dissanayakec

ISBN – 9789558733066

Price – £17.99




Who Will Enjoy This Book?

Simply put, Ceylon cookery will appeal to anyone who enjoys cooking a curry at home. The recipes are lucidly written, easy to follow and feature ingredients that are fairly easy to source in the UK from Asian supermarkets. The books recipes cover the gamut of traditional Ceylonese cooking, from simple rice dishes to magnificent dinner party feasts. It is a nice-looking book too, so will look good on a home bookshelf alongside other cookery books. It would also make an attractive gift for customers on the search for an interesting Christmas present.

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