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Book Review: TERI Energy & Environment Data Diary and Yearbook (TEDDY) 2018/19

The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI) is India’s leading scientific research body on energy use and environmental management, and has produced a comprehensive yearbook (The Energy & Environmental Data Diary & Yearbook, or TEDDY) each year since 1986. The most recent edition covers the year 2018 to 2019, and provides a detailed analysis of commercial energy use in India, including how demand in different sectors affects the flow of petroleum, natural gas resources, renewable energy, and coal.

The yearbook is divided into broad chapters on energy supply, energy demand, and the local and environmental context. The 2018/19 yearbook is interesting because it provides a snapshot of the Indian energy sector on the eve of the pandemic, and has a special focus on how sustainable initiatives were successfully impacting energy consumption in various areas. Every section is illustrated with graphs and charts that make it easy to absorb information. The implications of consumer changes and government initiatives are traced to their practical impact on health, air pollution, and economic development.

Where To Purchase

TEDDY 2018/19 can be purchased through various vendors, including Amazon, in paperback and e-book format. To discuss wholesale supply for your bookshop, library, or academic organisation, please get in touch with us directly.