Book Review: TERI Energy & Environment Data Diary and Yearbook (TEDDY) 2018/19

The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI) is India’s leading scientific research body on energy use and environmental management, and has produced a comprehensive yearbook (The Energy & Environmental Data Diary & Yearbook, or TEDDY) each year since 1986. The most recent edition covers the year 2018 to 2019, and provides a detailed analysis of commercial energy use in India, including how demand in different sectors affects the flow of petroleum, natural gas resources, renewable energy, and coal.

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Book Review: ‘Tales From The Himalaya’ By Henry Edmundson (ISBN 9789937933032) £34.99 [PB]

One of the most comprehensive books on the Himalayan mountain range on the market, Henry Edmundson’s Tales from the Himalaya was published by Vajra Books in June 2019. It provides readers with an in-depth look at the religious, scientific, political and cultural aspects affecting the region, from the perspective of a seasoned mountaineer.

What’s ‘Tales From The Himalaya’ About?

Henry Edmundson has spent many years of his life getting to know the Himalayan region, both by climbing its majestic mountains and by studying the area’s history and culture. His remarkable new guide to the area, Tales from the Himalaya, is divided into four sections, each of which considers the region from a different angle.

Firstly, the author investigates religion, telling the tale of Tibetan Buddhism and its impact on the area. Secondly, he examines the mountains from a scientific point of view, discussing the efforts made by experts to understand how they were formed and the fact that earthquakes pose a constant threat.

In the third section, Edmundson talks about how the political situation in the region has changed throughout history. He details how the area fared under the British Raj, for example, as well as how it was affected by the Chinese takeover of Tibet. In the final section, ‘Society’, he discusses rural life in the Himalayan foothills, focussing on the challenges that those living and working there have faced over the years.

Featuring 171 stunning illustrations, including both modern and archival photographs, as well as 11 detailed maps of the area, this fascinating work will delight readers everywhere. A blend of reference book and travel guide, it boasts an extensive bibliography.

The Himalayan Journal 2019 released a glowing review, of which we provide a short excerpt:

‘With remarkable pictures, illustrations and maps, Henry Edmundson has brought to life each of these stories [religion, science, politics, society]. The gripping accounts, his insight and depth while presenting an understanding of the entire Himalayan region is unique and outstanding. This book is a rare combination of history, geography, society and politics that can cater to a wide range of audience.’

You can check out more reviews of this incredible release on the title’s official website here, but here are some choice quotes that I think perfectly capture what this book truly means to us:

‘A tour de force if ever there was one! Wide-ranging doesn’t even start to describe the book! It is wonderfully well produced, and the great photos and images add so much. Many congratulations! It deserves to be very widely read.’

General Sir Sam Cowan, Colonel Commandant of the Brigade of Gurkhas, author of “Essays on Nepal”

‘Edmundson has set himself a wonderful canvas. Tales from the Himalaya recounts gripping episodes whose political fallout continues and will affect the region for the foreseeable future. This is a timely book. The author brings to the subject a unique perspective as both explorer and analyst.’

Suman Dubey, former editor of Indian Express, managing editor of India Today and one-time media advisor to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Who Is The Book Written For?

Mountaineers, trekkers, travel lovers, and geography buffs will all adore Tales from the Himalaya. If you’ve never been lucky enough to visit the region, Edmundson’s work may well inspire you to book a trip. Those who’ve already experienced what the Himalayas have to offer, meanwhile, will be able to remind themselves about their journeys while learning more about the awe-inspiring mountain range. This book will also appeal to history fans, those seeking to gain an understanding of other cultures, and anyone who loves photography.

As the Nepali Times recently stated, ‘’Edmundson has put a huge amount of work into this book, in terms of research, gathering illustrations and maps, and the sheer exertion of undertaking trips across some of the most arduous terrain on Earth.’

The review sums up our feelings quite succinctly with its opening line: ‘If there is one book you must set aside, either for new year holiday reading or as a Christmas gift to a fellow traveller, it would be Tales from the Himalaya’.

About Henry Edmundson

Edmundson is a member of the Himalayan Club. He has trekked and climbed the Nepalese, Bhutanese and Indian Himalayas, as well as other well-known mountain ranges. Tales from the Himalaya is his second published work of non-fiction.

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Book Review: The Skipper’s Diary By Richard Hadlee – A Motilal Books Exclusive £29.99 Hardback ISBN 9780957808980

We are extremely excited about the release of The Skipper’s Diary – the new book by Kiwi cricketing legend Sir Richard Hadlee, distributed exclusively by Motilal Books from 2nd October 2019. Sir Richard “Paddles” Hadlee is one of New Zealand’s most famous cricketing exports, recognised as one of the best test match bowlers and all rounders of all time. In a 17 year career spanning 1973 to 1990, Sir Richard took 431 wickets, which was the world record at the time.

Remembering The Forty-Niners

The Skipper’s Diary, however, focuses not on Sir Richard’s career but on that of his father, the equally legendary Walter Hadlee. Walter, who died in 2006, was a former captain of the New Zealand Cricket Team and led the side during the team’s 1949 test match tour of England. This was the cricketing season that bought the Kiwis from relative obscurity – having never won a test match – to the heart of the international scene, a position they retain to this day.

The Skipper’s Diary tells the full story of the ‘Forty-Niners’, drawing from the diary of Walter Hadlee, in-depth interviews with five players, plus several former coaches and cricket historians.

The result is a touching, funny and evocative narrative, vividly recalling the excitement of the summer of ‘49, and the great achievements of the New Zealand cricket team. In his signature style, Sir Richard weaves together jokes, anecdotes, photographs, and memoirs into an unmissable icon of cricketing history.


The Skipper’s Diary is available for £29.99 in hardback from all good UK book shops and online sellers including Amazon UK and Amazon US.

More on cricket from Richard Hadlee…

You can read more on Sir Richard Hadlee’s cricketing thoughts in his latest interview with The Cricketer. ‘Remember in our day we were amateurs,’ he told the magazine. ‘It wasn’t until the 1980s that I become a professional… In the 1990s players started becoming semi-professional, and only in the 2000s did players devote enough time to training.’

The new release also touches on New Zealand’s recent World Cup defeat. ‘We were unlucky, but we are not controversial, we are not confrontational. Yes we can compete, yes we want to win, but if there’s a spirit of cricket award, we’d win it every time.’

Pick up your copy of The Cricketer to read the full interview!

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Book Review: ‘India Positive: New Essays & Selected Columns – Simple Takes on India’s Burning Issues’ By Chetan Bhagat (ISBN 9781542044165)

India Positive: New Essays and Selected Columns is an exciting new collection of non-fiction pieces by Chetan Bhagat, the best-selling Indian author. In this book, published by Westland Publishing in 2019, Bhagat discusses issues relating to India’s recent political, economic and social past, and its potential future.

What’s ‘India Positive’ About?

In these thought-provoking essays and columns, Chetan Bhagat challenges the popular view that nothing in India has changed during the last decade and discusses ways in which members of the public can play their part in the nation’s development. It includes an array of intriguing pieces, which are divided into four themed sections: ‘Indian Society, Indian Culture’; ‘Politics, India-Style’; ‘Indianomics; and ‘Young India’.

Bhagat addresses a host of contemporary issues within India Positive, such as how young Indians’ employment prospects can be improved, the functionality of the country’s healthcare system, and ways in which India can deal with the challenges posed by the Internet and social media. He believes that party politics should take a backseat when the state of the nation is at stake and thus adopts an unbiased approach to the subjects that he considers. Although he analyses India’s failings, Bhagat’s message is one of optimism. He leaves the reader with the feeling that they could become what he terms an ‘India Positive Citizen’ and help the nation to become a truly progressive one.

Of note, however, is that Bhagat makes no mention of some of the most pressing issues in today’s India: environmentalism, or a lack thereof. Climate change, global warming and pollution are just a few hot-button topics that continue to go unaddressed…

Who Is The Book Written For?

Written in an engaging and accessible style, India Positive will be of interest to readers who want to learn more about the challenges and opportunities modern India is facing. The essays and commentaries within it also give readers an overview of how the country developed politically, socially and economically between 2009 and 2019, providing those who aren’t well-versed in the subject with a superb introduction to it.

However, this book differs from others of its ilk in that the author focusses on potential solutions to India’s seemingly stagnated development. Therefore, it’s an appealing option for anyone trying to understand how the average Indian can contribute to his or her country’s future success.

About Chetan Bhagat

One of India’s most successful and internationally well-recognised authors, Chetan Bhagat has previously had eight novels, including Five Point Someone and The Girl in Room 105, and two non-fiction books published. More than twelve million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. He is also an award-winning screenwriter, and a columnist for Dainik Bhaskar and the Times of India.

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Book Review: ‘India Unmade: How The Modi Government Broke The Economy’ by Yashwant Sinha & Aditya Sinha (ISBN 9789386228864, HB, £21.99)

India’s Juggernaut Press have kick-started 2019 in assertive fashion with India Unmade: How The Modi Government Broke The Economy a bold and confrontational indictment of the administration of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Title – India Unmade: How The Modi Government Broke The Economy​

Author – Yashwant Sinha & Aditya Sinha​

ISBN – 9789386228864​

Price – £21.99

What Is The Book About?

Narendra Modi is a controversial figure in India. Following his election in 2014 he was seen by many as a kind of Indian Tony Blair, a unity figure with positive economic policies to spearhead India’s recovery from the 2008 global recession. Four years later and Modi’s legacy is ambivalent. His government has been dogged by corruption scandals and – perhaps more seriously – is now under fire from some of its previously staunchest supporters.

Former government minister Yashwant Sinha is one such person. Having previously played a key role in getting Modi elected in 2014, he now holds no punches in his devastating critique of the Modi government’s economic policies.

Sinha paints a grim picture of a modern India in the grip of stagnation; lacking adequate construction controls, with poor public transport infrastructure, runaway air pollution, unmanageable traffic, corrupt local authorities and endemic unemployment, all of which are true and still a challenge to any government.

The author’s primary criticism is of the Modi government decision to de-monetise the Indian currency in November 2016, which Sinha describes as a ‘whimsical decision’ and a ‘catastrophe’. With venomous and entertaining prose, Sinha goes on to lay into the government’s industrial policy, which he describes as encouraging malaise in the economy.

Critical scrutiny is also given to the Modi government’s record for honest reporting. According to Sinha, Indian unemployment figures have been fudged by excluding workers in the informal economy. These include poorly and irregularly paid rickshaw drivers, street food sellers and cleaners, millions of whom live below the poverty line.

The government’s official growth figures – of 7.35% each year since 2014 – have also been falsified, according to Sinha. The author questions where this growth has occurred, in the absence of government investment, and in the face of stagnation in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Tax revenue is also down, despite the tax base being theoretically raised – a direct result of the Modi government’s alleged economic mismanagement over the past four years.

Who Will Enjoy This Book?

Sinha’s abrasive polemic against the Modi government will no doubt have wide popular appeal in India among the government’s opponents. The written style is harsh and unrelenting but also balanced in its arguments. Readers who enjoy a good political takedown will probably enjoy this book, as will students of contemporary Indian and Asian politics. However, the fact is that Modi is incredibly popular with the majority, as can be seen in the 2019 election results.

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Book Review: ‘Mothering A Muslim’ by Nazia Erum

Nazia Erum’s latest book, ‘Mothering a Muslim: The Dark Secret in our Schools and Playgrounds’ may sound like a parenting manual but it is much more than that. Erum has written a rare portrayal of middle-class Muslim mothering in multi-faith India, and an essential heart-breaking expose of the religious-based bullying and discrimination that runs through society right down to the schools and playgrounds. This prejudice is voiced by children who are echoing the prejudices they hear at home and in the media. ‘Mothering a Muslim’ was published by Juggernaut Books in January 2018.




Title – Mothering A Muslim

Author – Nazia Erum

ISBN – 9789386228536

Price – £15.99

A Personal Journey

Erum, an author, entrepreneur and fashion designer, first came to consider this subject when she was pregnant with her own child. She began to think of baby names, a common dilemma for every expecting parent, but hers ran deeper – whether she should give her baby an overtly Muslim name, and risk subjecting her child to name-calling, taunting and bullying just because of their faith.

She went on to interview Muslim families across 12 cities in India, finding that such bullying was widespread but that schools and society were not willing to tackle the elephant in the room. Children were being targeted as early as preschool for their names, clothes and the food they ate. The school system further emphasised the faith divide by splitting the children by their third language choice, with those choosing Urdu being largely Muslims. This meant that children did not have the chance to interact and build friendships with those of other religions.

A Voice For Muslim Women

In ‘Mothering a Muslim’, Erum gives a voice to what she calls ‘the authentic Muslim woman’. Now more than ever before are Muslim women discussed in the media but rarely do we hear from them in their own words.

Whilst this book describes the current situation in India, there are many parallels to the UK – a multi-faith population with tensions running high and negative portrayals of Muslims appearing often in the news. The topics broached in Erum’s book are just as important in the UK, and this would be a valuable and eye-opening read for any parent, educator or politician who might interact with those of other faiths and cultures. On a wider scale, it would appeal to the general reader as a chance to delve into interfaith relationships in society and contemplate the long-term effects of intolerance and discrimination. The urgency and skill with which Erum deals with these sensitive topics is remarkable.

About Nazia Erum

Nazia Erum has many talents, from journalist, researcher, author, and commentator on gender and inter-faith issues, to fashion designer and entrepreneur. She runs, a women’s workwear brand. After her experiences writing ‘Mothering a Muslim’, she began the #MotherAgainstBullying movement, which she says is for every child growing up in this day and age, not just for Muslim children. Erum said on this movement: “Hate swallows everybody. Each one of us needs to be on this and stand together”. This is exactly what she tries to tackle in ‘Mothering a Muslim’.

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Book Review: ‘Everybody Loves A Good Drought’ by P Sainath


Originally published by Penguin Books back in 1996, Everybody Loves A Good Drought is written by the acclaimed Indian journalist Palagummi Sainath. Regarded as a modern classic in the field of rural poverty reporting, the book contains stories from the poorest districts in India and the struggles faced by the people living in them.

Research for the book was undertaken by Sainath himself while working for the Times of India newspaper. The research involved travelling almost 100,000 kilometres across the country, including thousands of kilometres on foot. The newspaper published many of Sainath’s reports and some are re-printed in this book alongside original content.



Title – Everybody Loves A Good Drought

Author – P Sainath

ISBN – 9780140259841

Price – £12.50

Book Summary

Everybody Loves A Good Drought is primarily made up of a series of short accounts of Palagummi Sainath’s travels around rural India, with a focus on the lives of some of the hundreds of millions of people living below the poverty line in the country in the late nineties. It is primarily made up of previously published Times of India newspaper reports.

The book provides detailed, intimate descriptions of the realities facing poor people, capturing their torment and despair as well as their beliefs and aspirations. In addition, Sainath explores government policies that have contributed towards the exploitation and victimisation of poor people – often under the guise of helping them.

Who Will Enjoy This Book?

The first-hand accounts and reports contained within Palagummi Sainath’s book are essential reading for anybody with an interest in the realities of rural poverty and economic inequality in India. Even two decades after its initial publication, it remains a relevant, harrowing and unsurpassed example of true social journalism.

In addition, Everybody Loves A Good Drought is now prescribed in over 100 universities around the world and is of particular use to academics who have an interest in subjects like social sciences, agricultural sciences, investigative journalism, global politics and South Asian culture.

About The Author

Palagummi Sainath is an award-winning Indian journalist and author who specialises in the fields of rural affairs, poverty and inequality. Over the course of his distinguished career, he has worked for newspapers such as the Times of India, Blitz and The Hindu; serving as the rural affairs editor of the latter until 2014.

Regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in his field, he was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is Asia’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize, in 2007 for services to journalism, literature and creative communication. Previously, in 2000, he was the recipient of the Global Human Rights Journalism Prize from Amnesty International.

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Book Review: Triple Talaq: Examining Faith By Salman Khurshid

Triple Talaq: Examining Faith by Salman Khurshid is one of the most controversial books we currently hold in our catalogue, and the subject matter itself couldn’t be much more controversial, either in India or the West. Nevertheless, the book represents an important contribution to the place of Islamic theology and tradition in mainstream politics and its intersection with Western ideas of personal liberty – whether or not you agree with the author’s position. Although Khurshid’s opinion isn’t popular in contemporary India – and is even less so outside the country – it is at least soundly argued, and the author deserves to be given a platform.



Title – Triple Talaq: Examining Faith

Author – Salman Khrushid

ISBN – 9780199487400

Price – £6.00



What Is Triple Talaq?

The book centres on a recent and ongoing controversy in the Indian Parliament about the Islamic practice of ‘Triple Talaq’ – or instant divorce – which allows a Muslim man to immediately divorce his wife by pronouncing the word ‘Talaq’ (which means divorce in Arabic) to her three times. The notice can be given in writing, orally, or even by email or text.

Instant Divorce & Women’s Rights

The practice has a long history in the Hanafi Sunni School in India, dating back to at least the 16th century, but is a legal grey area under Indian constitutional law. Modern India is a secular society whose constitution enshrines the principle of human rights, gender equality and social justice, so there is an obvious issue of discrimination against women inherent in the Triple Talaq practice.

The result for many Muslim women, often never legally married according to Indian civil law, is instant expulsion from the home, destitution and even separation from their children.

Outlawing Of Triple Talaq

A landmark ruling by the Indian Supreme Court in August 2017 ruled that the practice of Triple Talaq was illegal under Article 44 of the constitution. Of the five judges who took part in the ruling, a majority of three accepted the practice was unconstitutional. The other two admitted that Triple Talaq could be practised constitutionally, although it should immediately be outlawed by a new legal statute.

The new law followed quickly, and on 28th December 2017 the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights of Marriage) Act (2017) was passed by the Indian Parliament. The law makes Triple Talaq illegal in all forms, with practitioners subject to criminal prosecutions that could result in jail sentences of up to 3 years for the husband.

The Salman Khurshid Controversy

Salman Khurshid, a senior lawyer, member of the Indian Parliament and former Minister of External Affairs, was an outspoken critic of the new law. His position as presented to Parliament, which he explains in depth in Examining Faith, is that the new law violates the religious liberty of Indian Muslims and is itself unconstitutional. Khurshid is a devout Muslim himself and is no stranger to controversy. In 2002, for instance, he represented the Student Islamic Movement of India as defence lawyer after it was outlawed by the Indian government as a terrorist organisation. Examining Faith, however, draws on Western secular legal arguments, rather than Islamic theological ones. The core argument is that the ban on Triple Talaq extends the authority of the state where it has no constitutional right to do so, by taking marriage from the private realm of civil law into criminal law.

Why Stock Triple Talaq: Examining Faith?

Triple Talaq: Examining Faith is a well-argued legal work. Although it is unlikely to make Salman Khurshid many converts in the United Kingdom, the book does show the way in which social and religious controversies are still played out in modern India, all the way from the village level to the Supreme Court. There is a complex interplay of traditional, secular and sectarian legal customs at work which often sit uneasily together. These must be balanced against the dignity and rights of individual human beings.

Read the book to find out more – in the words of the controversy’s leading antagonist. For more information about Examining Faith and thousands of other quality Indian books, please call 01727 761677.

Triple Talaq: Examining Faith – 978-0199487400Salman Khurshid – £19.99 Hardback

Book Review: Hush A Bye Baby: The Cradle Will Fall By Deepanjana Pal

Hush A Bye Baby by Deepanjana Pal is a complex celebrity crime thriller published in April 2018 by Juggernaut Press. With hundreds of crime novels published each year in India and abroad, it is hard to find a story that stands out. Even fans of the genre will admit that one hard-boiled male detective has a tendency to blend into another, whether their exploits take place in New York, Glasgow, Stockholm or Mumbai.



Title – Hush A Bye Baby: The Cradle Will Fall

Author – Deepanjana Pal

ISBN – 9789386228574

Price – £11.17



A Unique Crime Thriller

Deepanjana Pal is therefore to be congratulated for breaking a lot of the crime-noir stereotypes with a refreshingly original story. At the same time the book embodies the essence of a successful crime thriller; the combination of suspense, violence and believable, flawed characters that keep fans coming back to the genre again and again.

This originality starts with the protagonist herself: gynaecologist to the stars Dr Nandita Rai. Dr. Rai, an outspoken feminist, couples a celebrity lifestyle with open endorsement of women’s rights. She is the full celebrity package, with radio slots, a TV talk show and syndicated magazine columns to prove it. That is, until she is accused of illegally performing sex selective abortions (terminating girls) and is hounded by police, media and increasingly aggressive vigilante groups.

Fast Paced Neo-Noir

Thus begins a fast paced medical crime thriller in which Dr Rai seeks to clear her name while escaping a rapidly escalating cycle of defamation and violence. The book’s cast of supporting characters represent a seedy cross-section of the great and good in Bollywood, politics and the Indian media. There are very few unambiguously good or bad characters in the novel, including Dr Rai herself. Most characters suffer from profound personality flaws, are cynical in the face of failure and are variously corrupt or simply incompetent to some degree.

This bleak picture of high society places Hush A Bye Baby squarely in the noir thriller tradition, even if the characters themselves and plot twists are unique – and often unexpected.

Why Read Hush A Bye Baby?

Hush A Bye Baby can be read as a moral indictment of the Indian elite, or a highly entertaining crime thriller, or both. We will allow readers to make their own judgement. Either way, Deepanjana Pal has written a genuine page turner that is difficult to put down and will appeal to a wide range of fiction fans. Retail customers can order it from Amazon world wide, or through an online seller or bookshop by trade buyers.

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978 938 6228574     £13.99     Paperback

Book Review: Democracy’s Eleven by Rajdeep Sardesai

There are few things as quintessentially Indian as cricket. As a business with roots in both India and England this makes us delighted. An English sport, familiar on every village green across the Home Counties, is the national sport of India, followed and played by millions. Cricket is a symbol of the profound cultural connections between the UK and India, the same exchange of ideas that has made curry our national dish of choice here in the UK!

Democracy’s XI is the latest book to be published about Indian cricket, written by journalist Rajdeep Sardesai and published in Mumbai in October 2017. We were so impressed by the book that we have made it our recommendation for the MCC Cricket Book of The Year Award 2018.

The book tells the story of Indian cricket, from its origins in the British Raj to its status as a multi-million-dollar international sport today – focusing mainly on the period since the 1950s. In the earliest days, cricket was associated strongly with the British colonial class and the often autocratic Indian client princes. As such, it had only limited appeal among ordinary Indian people. When it was adopted by Indian teams, it frequently reinforced sectarian divisions rather than fostered unity, with separate cricket divisions for Hindu, Muslim and Sikh cricket players. It was these racist overtones that led Gandhi and other Indian independence pioneers to strongly condemn the sport of cricket.

Nevertheless, a remarkable transformation took place after independence. Cricket now represents the very best of modern India. It is a game that anyone can play, regardless of religion, traditional caste, regional origin or language. In the Indian cricket team, the son of a leading Hindu politician can play side-by-side with a Muslim kid from the back streets of one of India’s teeming cities – and they will be cheered on indiscriminately by millions of devoted fans from all walks of life.

Cricket brings people together in modern India, which is the main message of Democracy’s XI. While Indian politics, commerce and Bollywood are not immune from corruption and control by vested dynastic interests, cricket has become a meritocratic sphere. It has played a role like no other in breaking down the divisions between genders, communities and religious groups in India, while still allowing individuals to take a justified pride in their unique cultural heritage.




Title – Democracy’S Xi The Great Indian Cricket Story

Author – Rajdeep Sardesai

ISBN – 9789386228482

Price – £12.99




About The Author

Rajdeep Sardesai (b 1955) is a well-recognised face on Indian television as the anchor man of the India Today news channel. Democracy’s XI is his second international bestseller published in English. His first was 2014: The Election That Changed India, a first-hand account of the election that saw a momentous shift in Indian politics. Sardesai is an outspoken campaigner, speaking out in favour of peace and unity, and taking a firm stand against sectarian violence and division.

Target Readership

Democracy’s XI will appeal first and foremost to cricket fans, but also to anyone interested in the social history of contemporary India. People who are not familiar with India may underestimate the role that cricket plays as a social catalyst and unifying force. This book presents the full story in an engaging and light-hearted way that makes it a page turner from start to finish. The author presents the human story of the men and women who have shaped Indian cricket, and how it continues to fire the aspiration of Indian boys (and more recently girls) across the country.

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