Corner of a Foreign Field : The British Cemetery at Kathmandu 

Title: Corner of a Foreign Field : The British Cemetery at Kathmandu
Authors: Mark F. Watson , Andrew R. Hall
ISBN: 9789937624145
Pages: xx + 268, (288 pages in total)

Weight: 800 grams (28.2 ounces)
Binding: Paperback
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Price: £34.99
Pub date in UK: 23rd May, 2022.
Price USA: $57.95
Pub date in USA: 31st August, 2022

Book Description
This history of the British Cemetery in Kathmandu encompasses the entire story of Western involvement in Nepal. In the nineteenth century British diplomats in the remote Himalayan outpost of Kathmandu Valley had no choice but to bury their dead in the corner of a farmer’s field close to their embassy. Its memorials to colleagues, wives and children – some grand, some humble – are a poignant reminder of the long interaction between Britain and Nepal. When other foreigners arrived in the 1950s, demand for burial space grew. This tranquil graveyard now houses the mortal remains of a hundred or so individuals from two centuries – mountaineers, missionaries, soldiers, tourism entrepreneurs, development workers, writers, poets and artists. This is their epitaph.

Essential Reader: Sarojini Naidu

Essential Reader: Sarojini Naidu

A collection of the most iconic poems, speeches and letters by the Nightingale of India

Pub Date: 23 May 2022
ISBN: 9780143454144 / 0143454145
Price: £7.99
Subject: Autobiography: Historical, Political & Military, Speeches, History, Political Leaders &
Leadership, Political Structures: Democracy,
India, Autobiography: Literary
Format: 198mmx 129mm
Binding: Paperback
Extent: 224 pages
Territory: World
Bar Code: 9780143454144

· All of Sarojini Naidu’s most important speeches, letters and poems in one comprehensive volume
· This book also contains an introduction to Sarojini Naidu’s life by Makarand Paranjape, to set the context of each of the writings.

Sarojini Naidu was a prolific writer and speaker, publishing three collections of poetry during her life and delivered many rousing speeches throughout the freedom struggle and after India gained Independence. This book compiles her best-known work, as well as letters she wrote throughout her life to Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore and others, to provide a glimpse into the kind of person she was and the ideas she believed in. Through these pages, we can witness her innermost thoughts and feelings, and the important role she played in shaping the country’s freedom struggle and its ideas as a young nation, particularly through rousing speeches on the Education of Indian Women and the Battle of Freedom is Over, which were broadcast over the All India Radio on 15 August 1947.

Sarojini Naidu was a poet and politician who played an integral role in India’s freedom struggle. Throughout her life, she spoke up for civil rights and women’s rights. A key member of the Indian National Congress, she was the first female Governor of India. Her poetry was widely read and earned her the moniker of the ‘Nightingale of India’.

Good Innings

Good Innings
The Extraordinary, Ordinary Life of Lily Tharoor

Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan

An inspiring assortment of stories from the exciting life of Lily Tharoor

Pub Date: 18 April 2022
ISBN: 9780670096152 / 0670096156
Price: £15.99
Subject: Biography: General, Memoirs
Format: 198mmx 129mm
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 144 pages
Territory: World
Bar Code: 9780670096152
BIC Code: BG, BM


  • Full of inspiring life lessons from Lily Tharoor’s experiences
  • Peppered with reflections from Lily Tharoor herself
  • Includes a lovely and personal prologue by Shashi Tharoor

Lily Tharoor was born in a small village in Kerala in the mid-1930s. From this humble beginning, she would live around the world, raise three global citizens, and inspire multiple generations with her drive to learn and achieve. Fiercely independent and ambitious, she pushed her children, including her son Shashi, to always think outside the box. The only ground firm enough to stand on, she told them, is the one written into existence by your own hand. In Good Innings, Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan tells her mother Lily’s ‘extraordinary, ordinary’ story through a combination of personal reflections, life lessons, and philosophical insights. The result is a collection of teachable vignettes aimed to galvanize a new generation into growth and action. Every chapter starts with an anecdote which will encourage conversations and transformations in the reader’s life. Good Innings is an intimate account of the life of a beloved matriarch with a modest background and an iron will-a woman who learned from the school of life and now has lessons to share of her own.

Shobha Tharoor Srinivasan is the author of numerous award-winning children’s books, including Indi-Alphabet, How Many Lines in a Limerick?, Prince with a Paintbrush: The Story of Raja Ravi Varma, It’s Time to Rhyme and the upcoming Parvati the Elephant’s Very Important Day. Shobha is also a translator, poet, editor, voice-over talent and former non-profit development professional who spent over two decades as an advocate for persons with disabilities.

Mastering Java Persistence API (JPA)

Price: £23.99
Pages: 258
Size: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Release Date: 12-APRIL-2022
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789355511263


Mastering Java Persistence API (JPA)

Realize Java’s Capabilities Spanning RDBMS, ORM, JDBC, Caching, Locking, Transaction Management, and JPQL

Nisha Parameswaran Kurur

Filled with sample case study, exercises, commonly faced issues/solutions, and important interview questions, this book is surely going to help developers to expand their skills in JPA.
● Covers every JPA capability with detailed examples.
● Explanation of popular JPA providers in detail as well as sample JPA code.
● Includes solutions geared toward developers, interview questions, and expert advice.
‘Mastering Java Persistence API’ is geared towards experiencing the functioning of JPA and the extent of its use in Java SE and Java EE applications. While the book’s primary objective is to develop competence in JPA, it also takes a simpler approach to refresh readers on basic database management system concepts and how to design simple JPA applications.

The book begins with the ideas like ORM, EJB CMP, and the difficulties associated with data conversion from a database to an application and vice versa are handled spontaneously. The book discusses Table, Row, Column, Cell, and various forms of Relationships and progress sequentially through the JPA concepts. It also discusses database processes such as identity generation, sequencing, locking, querying, persisting, caching, and transaction management in detail and emphasizes how JPA handles them. Further, the book covers the architecture and setup of two of the most extensively used JPA provider implementations (Hibernate and EclipseLink) in detail.

Additionally, this book includes sample functioning code for connecting to a MySQL database.
Each JPA functionality is illustrated with a code snippet, making it easier to modify these features as the application develops. This book teaches both beginners and seasoned professionals how to integrate JPA concepts in their employment through numerous problems and answers spanning each of the topics.
● Refresh your knowledge of relational database management system concepts in an object-oriented approach.
● Using JPA, you can create a table, row, column, key, query, data type, etc.
● Prepare for your first JPA project by working through the Mavenized Sample working code.
● Identify various ways for object-oriented representation of relationships.
● Acquire proficiency in various approaches for storing, caching, and transaction management.
● Discover the inner workings of JPA providers, Hibernate, and EclipseLink, as well as their architecture.
This book is aimed at Java developers who wish to master JPA and develop JPA-based applications enthusiastically.
To get the most out of this book, you should have a basic familiarity with Java programming.
1. Java Persistence API and Object-Relational Mapping
2. Tables – Attributes and Embeddable Objects
3. Operations – Identity, Sequencing and Locking
4. Relationships – Types and Strategies
5. Query Infrastructure
6. Entity Manager – Persisting, Caching, and Transaction
7. Hibernate and EclipseLink
8.  Appendix Part 1: JPA Advanced Topics
9.  Appendix Part 2: Sample JPA Application and Questions
ava, Persistence, RDBMS, ORM, @Entity, EJB, @Table
Java, Persistence, RDBMS, ORM, @Entity, EJB, @Table, JTA, JDBC, Caching, Locking, Transaction, Identity, Embeddable, JPQL, Lock, Unwrap
BISAC ( 3 BISAC CODES REQUIRED, please refer )
COM084010, COM051210, COM051280, COM051170, COM051320, COM051480
COM084010   COMPUTERS / Business & Productivity Software / Databases
COM051210   COMPUTERS / Programming / Object Oriented
COM051280   COMPUTERS / Languages / Java
COM051170   COMPUTERS / Languages / SQL
COM051320   COMPUTERS / Languages / XML
COM051480   COMPUTERS / Languages / JSON
Category: Big Data & Databases, Programming
Concept: Relational Database, Database Design & Programming, Application Development
Nisha Parameswaran Kurur completed her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Madras), Chennai in 2007. She has 18+ years of experience in the IT industry which includes both services as well as products. She has been involved in software development in various domains such as telecom, broadcast, networks, retail, and document processing.

Apart from the regular job, she loves to mentor students and IT professionals and nurture their interests in various computer science subjects. She is currently involved in a project to create CS-related technical books in the local language to bring out the interest among high school students in her state. She is also involved in contributing to the educational needs of special kids by setting up an online library with local language books.

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Java for Web Development

Pages: 212
Size: 6*9 Inches
Release Date: 12-April-2022
Price: £26.99
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789355511430
eISBN: 9789355511485
Java for Web Development

Create Full-Stack Java Applications with Servlets, JSP Pages, MVC Pattern and Database Connectivity


Play around JavaBeans, NetBeans IDE, and build strong foundation of web development concepts
● Extensive demonstrations of Servlets and JSP in action, including various instances.
● Prepares you to succeed in Java Full Stack and Web Programming Interviews.
● Increases familiarity with MVC techniques for web programming.
This book is about creating web applications with Java, servlets, Java Server Pages, and struts. Servlets, JSP pages, and database connectivity will be covered in detail. The more you read this book, the better you will be at making GUI apps, using JavaBeans in JSP, and making your tag libraries.

The book covers various key topics, including the MVC pattern, servlets, JSP, database connectivity, struts, and localization. With examples and demonstrations, you’ll learn about every aspect of web development and how to use Java and associated tools effectively throughout the process. All programmes are made in the NetBeans IDE and run on Tomcat Server. The hierarchy of classes and the architecture are also illustrated graphically. Readers will get comprehensive knowledge of concepts through analogies drawn from real-world situations. Interview questions with solutions are also included for users looking for jobs in software companies.

Readers will be able to create dynamic websites and blogs with the help of this book. The book is a wonderful resource for aspiring java programmers and web developers who wish to master both basic and advanced level web application development in Java through their efforts and this book.
● Connect to a database using a thin driver.
● Create GUI apps, reuse JavaBeans in JSP, and custom tag libraries.
● Discover how to run a Tomcat server.
● Acquaint with the NetBeans IDE and create all applications using it.
● Explore solutions on Java programming to get ready for the workplace.
If you are an aspiring web developer and interested in developing dynamic websites and web applications using Java, this book is the go-to guide for you. Prior knowledge of Java programming is preferred to speed up the learning of the book.
1. Database Connectivity
2. Internationalization
3. Introduction To Java Servlets
4. HTTP Servlet
5. Working with Servlet Sessions
6. Inter Servlet Communication
7. Java Server Pages
8. Comment Tag and Scripting Element
9. JSP Directives
10. JSP Action Element and Custom Tags
11. Introduction to Struts
12. Interview Questions
JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Custom Tags, JavaBeans, Struts, Localization
Stateless Protocol, Http Servlet, Taglib, HttpRequest. HttpResponse, RequestDispatcher, sendRedirect
BISAC ( 3 BISAC CODES REQUIRED, please refer )
COM060130, COM060160, COM051270, COM051280
COM060130   COMPUTERS / Internet / Web Design
COM060160   COMPUTERS / Internet / Web Programming
COM051270   COMPUTERS / Languages / HTML
COM051280   COMPUTERS / Languages / Java

Category: Web Development, Web Development, Web Development, Web Development
Concept: Front end Development, Back end Development, Full Stack Development, Website Design, Web Applications
Sarika Agarwal has completed her MCA, M.Tech, and Ph.D. She is Oracle Certified Java EE 5 Web Component, Sun Certified Java Programmer, Android Certified Application Developer, and Trainer. She has 16 + years of experience in teaching Graduate and Postgraduate students. She has imparted training on Java, Python, C, C++ for more than 5000 students.

Vivek Gupta completed his B.Tech from Uttar Pradesh Technical University in 2006, CDAC (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science)in 2006. 15+ years of experience in Java Application support and maintenance at all levels (L1, L2, and L3). Currently, working with Ventiv Technology as Technical Lead. He has worked in HCL, Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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An Extraordinary Life | Biography of the chairman of Bajaj Group

Rahul Bajaj

An Extraordinary Life | Biography of the chairman of Bajaj Group

Gita Piramal

The long-awaited authorized biography of business legend Rahul Bajaj.

Pub Date: 21 March 2022

ISBN: 9780670091713 / 0670091715

Price: £23.97

Subject: Biography: Business & Industry,

Business & Management, Biography: Historical,

Political & Military

Format: 234mm x 153mm

Binding: Hardback

Extent: 288 pages

Territory: World

Bar Code: 9780670091713




This is the first authorized biography of Rahul Bajaj. He comes from the business house started by Jamnalal Bajaj. Rahul Bajaj was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian honour, in 2001. This is a definitive biography written by one of the leading journalists in the country, Gita Piramal. She is the bestselling author of Business Legends and Business Maharajas. The book will have an extensive marketing plan and will be launched at the Jaipur Literature Festival.



‘Integrity and character matter. Without them, no amount of ability can get you anywhere. In addition, you need courage–courage to make difficult decisions and courage to oppose something if your conscience tells you that you are right’–Rahul Bajaj

Rahul Bajaj is a billionaire businessman, the chairman emeritus of the Bajaj Group and a former member of Parliament. This book is not just the story of Rahul Bajaj but the story of India. The author takes us through the country’s transformation from the time Rahul Bajaj’s mother was imprisoned during the freedom struggle to the prism of his eventful life. Based on unrestricted interviews, the book is full of anecdotes, business learnings and political asides. It is, at its core, a moving human story.



Gita Piramal is a bestselling author. She has previously written Business Maharajas and Business Legends.

Ancient India

TITLE : Ancient India

UK pub date 20th Mar
USA pub date 20th June, 2022.

ISBN: 9789392510366

PRICE: £14.99 $24.95

AUTHOR :   R.C. Majumdar

PUBLISHER : Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN-13 : 978-93-92510-36-6

EDITION : Paperback



RIGHTS : World



This book is a revised and enlarged edition of my “Outline of Ancient Indian History and Civilization” which was published in 1927 and has been out of print since 1938. Constant demands for the book, ever since, showed that the object with which it was written, as explained in the preface, was more than fulfilled. Owing to a variety of circumstances I could not bring out a second edition of the book during the next ten years. When at last I had some leisure to take up the work. I found that the book, in its present form, has, to some extent, outlived its utility, as there are already several other works of the same nature in the field. At the same time I felt the necessity of a book on ancient Indian history and culture of a more advanced type, which would not only serve the needs of general readers but may also be sued as preliminary handbook by more earnest students  who require a thorough grasp of the essential facts and features before taking  up specialized study in any branch of the subject. Incidentally I also kept in view the requirements of the growing number of candidates for competitive examinations in which ancient India history and culture is a prescribed subject.

Zero Day

Zero Day S. Hussain Zaidi

English 2022

Paperback 224



Harper Collins Mumbai is in a state of chaos. All the traffic signals across the city have stopped working.

Shahwaz Ali Mirza, head of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, receives an anonymous email that claims it was a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack by the sender who calls himself Muntaqim (The Avenger), and more such attacks are to happen soon. He quickly puts together a crack team that includes his protégé, IG Cybercrime Vikrant Singh, and Major Shaina Verma of the National Security Guard. and gets to work trawling the dark web for more information on this mystery attack.
Meanwhile, an angadia courier mysteriously jumps to his death when chased by the Railway police and far away in Pathankot, there are signs of a major attack being planned.
A move by Vikrant and Mirza to bring forward the hacker backfires, leading to a second, bigger attack on Mumbai’s lifeline, the railway system.

It is their first brush with cyberterrorism: a zero-day vulnerability in the Indian government’s system that could bring the country to its knees. But Muntaqim has a weapon in store that is even bigger…

In Zero Day, racing against time and investigating a case unlike any other, Mirza and Vikrant face the most dangerous mission of their lives. Before becoming a writer, publisher, producer, scriptwriter and mentor to new talent, S. Hussain Zaidi was a journalist for over twenty years. He started his career with the Asian Age and the Indian Express before moving on to Mid-Day and Mumbai Mirror as editor (investigations). He bid adieu to journalism in 2016.
His first book, Black Friday, was made into a critically acclaimed film by director Anurag Kashyap. His documentation of the Mumbai mafia in books such as Dongri to Dubai, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, My Name Is Abu Salem and Byculla to Bangkok are considered some of the finest pieces of investigative journalism. His mastery over terrorism-related research is reflected in Black Friday, Headley and I and Mumbai Avengers. Mumbai Avengers was the first fiction title that Zaidi experimented with. The book was adapted into a Hindi film, Phantom, starring Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif and directed by Kabir Khan.
Zaidi was also associate producer for the documentary Terror in Mumbai, along with Dan Reed for HBO, based on the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The movie was widely acclaimed and won a series of awards. While Class of ’83, based on his book by the same name, produced by Shah Rukh Khan, is already streaming on Netflix, a web series based on Dongri to Dubai being produced by Farhan Akhtar is soon to be released on Amazon Prime Video.
Fiction 14.03.2022 299 19.8 12.9 1.4 170

Iridescent Skin: A Multispecies Journey

ISBN: 9789391125530
PRICE: £112.50
of White sharks and Caged Humans Raj Shekhar Aich 2022

English 978-93-91125-53-0


Hardback JHM 1FK 2AB 3J,


Iridescent Skin is the first of its kind multispecies ethnography on humans and white sharks, entangled through the practice of cage diving at the very end of New Zealand. It is based on an immersive field work of marine anthropologist Prof. Raj Sekhar Aich, and his friend, research assistant, and anthropologist—Soosan Lucas, as they go in search of the elusive and mystified Great White Sharks of Foveaux Strait.

This is not a ‘shark book’, although it revolves around sharks in the classical sense of the manner. It is also not merely an academic book, although it is based on detailed academic investigation. Neither is it an exploration of shark behaviour or ecology, although they are certainly part of it, and no, it is not even a book about shark attacks, although shark bites are featured here. It is, on the surface, a sensory narrative of human and white shark encounters, but beneath the ripples, it is a story of love: among humans, rivers, oceans, bricks, stones, and sharks.

As Prof. Agustín Fuentes puts it, the book ‘invites the reader along…at the intersection of two sentient species, humans and white sharks.…The book you hold in your hands, is an enticement into the experiential journey of a scholar, artist and narrator who starts out with the goal of appreciating or assessing a multispecies entanglement, but ends up traversing a tangle of personal, social, historical, ecological and perceptual water/land/species-scapes.…This is an immersive multispecies anthropology.’

Learn to Code with Scratch

Learn to Code with Scratch
Category: Website Development, Website Designing, WordPress Development
Concept: No-Code Web Development, CMS Systems
UK: £11.99
USD: 19.95
ISBN: 9789391392727
Pages: 130
Size: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Release Date: 18-Feb-2022
Binding: Paperback


Let Your Kids’ Creative Ideas Come to Life by Coding Them into Programs (English Edition)


Muskan Arora


Enjoy making games and apps through coding and boost your computational thinking.
● Series of examples, detailed illustrations, and easy navigation to teach every essential of Scratch programming.
● Special emphasis on teaching logical thinking and how to code it in applications.
● Simple, easy explanation and best-suited for everyone to begin with the world of coding.
‘Learn to Code with Scratch’ prepares your child to begin building cool apps, games, animated stories, quizzes, and a variety of other enjoyable applications. This book teaches your child what a programme is and how it works using Scratch, a comprehensive visual programming language.


This book teaches your child how to connect various code blocks and establish the program’s logic by using seven distinct games and applications, including a haunted party, a talking robot, a mystical story, and a humorous quiz game. You will learn how to write and create a programme in Scratch and how to run your programme and save and share it with your loved ones.


**Special treats for kids:**
● Tens of games, stories, and animations are created from the start.
● A comprehensive course covering all of the interesting features included in Scratch 3.0 programming.
● Instructions in vibrant colors and a simple navigation system guides you through the fundamental fundamentals of coding.
● Encourages your juniors to think logically and develop their mathematics abilities.
● Breaking down big problems into simpler ones, teaching your child to be a problem solver.
● Develops coding skills by creating games and apps that your children enjoy.
● Translate your children’s imagination to reality by coding their ideas into programmes.
If your child can read and write, they can learn to code independently by following the instructions in this book. There is no requirement for prior knowledge or expertise in coding. All you have to do is help them download the Scratch offline tool, and the rest is explained in great detail.
1. What is Coding and how To code
2. What Is Scratch
3. Talking Robot
4. Flying Cat
5. The Haunted party
6. Colourful City
7. Funny Quiz Game
8. Magic Story
9. Our Solar System


Coding or programming, Scratch programming, Blocks of Scratch, Games in Scratch, Easy project in scratch, Save and share a program, Choose different kinds of sprites in Scratch, Backdrop in Scratch
Coding or programming, Scratch programming, Blocks of Scratch, Games in Scratch, Easy project in scratch, Save and share a program, Choose different kinds of sprites in Scratch, Backdrop in Scratch, Funny project in Scratch, Block-Based programming, Drag and Drop Coding, Adding music in Scratch
ISBN: 9789391392727
eISBN: 9789391392796
BISAC ( 3 BISAC CODES REQUIRED, please refer )


COM051010    COMPUTERS / Languages / General

Muskan Arora is an educationist and a tutor with 10 years of coding experience. She is also an owner of a YouTube channel  “Eduplan By Muskan Arora”.