Book Review: The Path of Purification – The Classic Manual Of Buddhist Doctrine & Meditation

Bhikku Nanamoli (Trans) | Buddhist publication Society | ISBN: 9789552400230 | Hardback | £29.99

The Path of Purification, or Visuddhimagga in the Pali language, is one of the most important foundational texts of Buddhism. The collection of Buddhist Scriptures, the Pali Canon, contains a wide variety of lectures and teachings attributed to the Buddha himself or his direct disciples. The Path Of Purification, first written in the fifth century A.D. by Bhadantacariya Buddhaghosa, attempted to consolidate these teachings into a unified practice, the goal of which is to attain Nirvana, envisioned as a state of complete purification.

From this treatise comes the core practice of Vipassana, which is the main practice of the Theravada Buddhist school, encompassing most branches of Buddhist thought in southern India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.

The Path is a deep and complex religious text, including 40 separate meditative and concentration practices, as well as discussions on philosophy and ethics. The treatise explains in detail the stages of the path leading to enlightenment, with clear indications of the physical, spiritual and psychological symptoms that herald progression, along with potential pitfalls.




Title – Path Of Purification: Visuddhimagga

Author – Buddhaghosa Bhadantacariya

ISBN – 9789552400230

Price – £29.99




An Excellent New Translation & Commentary

This new English-language translation by Bhikkhu Nanamoli makes The Path accessible to a new generation of English-speaking readers. The text is clearly laid out and easy to read, while remaining true to the Pali original – an admirable achievement because Pali is challenging to translate directly into English without losing some of its context.

The quality of the translation is enough reason to buy this book, but it is more than a translation. This edition includes copious notes, commentaries and sub- commentaries on all the meditative practices, making them comprehensible and accessible to modern practitioners. The traditional and contemporary commentaries form a unique resource that allows Buddhist practitioners to access the core of their tradition – making it a unique and irreplaceable meditation manual.

Target Readership

The intended readership of The Path Of Purification are practising Buddhists. The practice of Vipassana, or insight meditation comes directly from the Theraveda tradition of Buddhism. Buddhists of all schools will find useful material here, although some familiarity with doctrine and Pali scripture is assumed, as the book is essentially a collection of commentaries and interpretations of the Pali text. Stocking this title among your other Buddhist books will give Buddhist readers access to a tool of real value. For general meditation practitioners, or newcomers to the Buddhist religion, we recommend supplementing this book with some good introductory guides and books on mindfulness.

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Book Review: Unified Architectural Theory (Form, Language, Complexity) by Nikos Salingaros

Vajra Books | ISBN: 9789937623056 | £9.99 paperback

Unified Architectural Theory is a bold and sweeping concept. The author Nikos Salingaros attempts to do nothing less than synthesise all the main theories and concepts of architecture into one unified theory. This is an ambitious undertaking, and the reader will have to be the judge of whether Salingaros is successful at making a persuasive case. What the book does do, in characteristically bold style, is provide a cohesive explanation of all the major trends in world architecture, both in India and the West, exploring each in terms of form, language and complexity. In principle, applying the unified theory should bring a deeper and more scientific understanding of any style of architecture.

This project isn’t a purely intellectual undertaking. The author has a very practical outcome in mind: knowledge of underlying architectural trends and processes can be used to inspire a more sustainable approach to city planning, and an approach to architecture that is more conducive to personal health and well-being.

Nikos Salingaros loves architecture – a passion that comes across vividly in this lucid work. However, he is not blind to the historical and contemporary issues around urban development, including pollution, poverty, anxiety, stress and social alienation. He recognises the vital role that architecture, design and planning play in shaping the urban environments of the future, improving human existence at a fundamental level.



Title – Unified Architectural Theory

Author – Salingaros Nikos A

ISBN – 9789937623056

Price – £9.99





Target Readership

Unified Architectural Theory is an academic sourcebook that presumes a working knowledge of architectural concepts. Therefore, we feel the target readers would be architectural students, practising architects, or non-specialists with a deep knowledge of the subject. This is not an introductory title or immediately accessible to a lay reader, but it nevertheless would work well alongside a shelf of other architectural topics. For a reader scouring the shelf for something a bit different, or for an alternative view of architecture, this book will be a real find, and contains a lot of valuable content. The price, too, makes Unified Architectural Theory a very attractive title, in a world where architectural textbooks frequently sell for four or five times this sum.

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The Baahubali Trilogy: Discover The Novel Inspired By The Epic Film Saga

To introduce The Rise of Sivagami (£11.99, paperback 9789386224606)  by Anand Neelakantan, we first have to look at the enormously popular Baahubali films, of which there are two so far and a third is much anticipated. Baahubali: The Beginning (BBTM), released in 2015, was the most expensive film produced in India up to that time – blowing a budget of nearly $30 million. Based on an original historical concept by director S Rajamouli’s father, the film launches off by introducing Sivagami, an enigmatic character who blurs the barrier between mythology and history. Not much is actually known about Sivagami. At the beginning of the film we see her being chased by soldiers while carrying a baby. Putting up a spirited defence, she manages to cross a river and leave the baby at the edge of the village before succumbing to the waves.

The child, named Sivudu, is rescued and brought up by the local villagers – the series of films being his story. Without wanting to give any more of the plot away, the boy grows to become a great warrior in the legendary kingdom of Mahishmati – a city state which may have been a historical place in central India. He is a macho, dashing fantasy action hero, ably portrayed on screen by ‘Prabhas’ – Venkata Satyanarayana.

BBTM traces the violent rise of the child within the war-torn Society of ancient India. Baahabali is the nom-de-guere adopted by the boy when he becomes an adult, literally meaning ‘He with the strong arms’. Baahabali 2: The Conclusion, released in April 2017, picks up the story and packs it full of even more action, plotting, romance and violence.

Taken together, the two films represent the highest netting films in the history of the Indian film industry. In addition to the films, an animated TV series was released in April 2017, featuring spin-off stories involving characters from the film.

The novel The Rise of Sivagami, released in March 2017, fills an important gap in the story – namely who the hero’s mother is and why she is important. The book is the prequel that not only sets the scene, but also brings to the pages an idiosyncratic and highly engaging heroine in her own right. Sivagami is intelligent and resolute but also vulnerable and sympathetic.

Shortly after the book was released, film director S Rajamouli confirmed that a miniseries adaptation of the novel was in production, so grab a copy of the book and watch this space!




Title – Rise Of Sivagami

Author – Anand Neelakantan

ISBN – 9789386224446

Price – £8.00




Who This Book Will Appeal To

The most obvious readership for the Rise of Sivagami – as well as the Battle of the Bold comic, £6.99 paperback 9789386224651, another franchise release – are fans of the two Baahubali films. The soon to be completed trilogy has acquired a cult fan base, many of whom will be interested in how the prequel novel expands on the mysterious character of Kattappa, as well as extrapolating many of the themes that appear in the films.

More widely, Rise will appeal to a wide swathe of fantasy and historical fiction fans. In fact, any reader who enjoyed the sweeping epic battles of Lord of the Rings, the dynastic treachery of Game of Thrones or the grim humour of The Last Kingdom will enjoy this book. Readers with an interest in Indian ancient history and legend will also enjoy the way this book brings the period to life in a creative way, without taking any major historical liberties.

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Book Review: Ceylon Cookery By Chandra Dissanayake

Stamford Lake Book House | ISBN: 9789558733066 | £19.99, hardback

We are delighted that Ceylon Cookery, the classic Sri Lankan cookbook now in its fifth edition, is available through Motilal Books. In a country that takes its culinary accomplishments very seriously indeed, it is no small compliment that Ceylon Cookery has for years been the bestselling cookbook within Sri Lanka.

From the most accomplished professional chef to the lowliest amateur household, most people you speak to with a passing interest in cookery in Sri Lanka will have heard of this book – giving it the equivalent status to the popular River Cottage cookbooks here in the UK. It is somewhat of a surprise, therefore, that Ceylon Cookery was virtually unheard of in the West until 2009, outside of Sri Lankan emigre communities.

With a good value hardback edition now available through Stamford Lake Book House, the situation has changed. This unique cookbook delves into the rich tradition of Sri Lankan cookery, a style that has some similarities with Southern Indian cooking, while retaining a character all of its own. Ceylon Cookery can be approached on a number of levels. Many readers will be content to dive in to the basic recipe section, while others may wish to explore detailed preparation instructions, the authentic Singhala names and significance of key ingredients, and the background to traditional recipes.

For a reader familiar with Sri Lanka, or of Sri Lankan heritage, this book will be like coming home. For a Westerner, Ceylon Cookery offers a view of Indian cooking very distinct from the common styles enjoyed in the UK. It is a treasure trove of new ideas, exotic ingredients and exciting culinary traditions.



Title – Ceylon Cookery

Author – Dissanayakec

ISBN – 9789558733066

Price – £17.99




Who Will Enjoy This Book?

Simply put, Ceylon cookery will appeal to anyone who enjoys cooking a curry at home. The recipes are lucidly written, easy to follow and feature ingredients that are fairly easy to source in the UK from Asian supermarkets. The books recipes cover the gamut of traditional Ceylonese cooking, from simple rice dishes to magnificent dinner party feasts. It is a nice-looking book too, so will look good on a home bookshelf alongside other cookery books. It would also make an attractive gift for customers on the search for an interesting Christmas present.

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Ratna’s Basic Nepali Dictionary, By SP Wagley&Bijay K Rauniyar

Ratna Books |ISBN: 9789993358015 | £15.99 paperback

With nearly 14,500 individual entries,Ratna’s Basic Nepali Dictionary is one of the best introductory English-Nepalese dictionaries currently available on the market. First published in 2005, this is the second, paperback edition from 2008. The book has high quality binding and an intuitive layout, featuring an average 30 words on each page.

The dictionary is divided into two sections, Nepali-English and English – Nepali, making it quick and easy to look up specific words. Nepalese words are written in Devanagari script and a Roman transliteration, making the dictionary ideal for newcomers to the language. Each entry includes an intuitive pronunciation guide, as well as basic meanings and etymology. There is also a useful appendix explaining common abbreviations used in both languages.

For someone learning Nepali, Ratna’s Dictionary makes it easy to see the relationship between words and to quickly expand their working vocabulary. Nepali dictionaries (as opposed to tourist phrasebooks) are hard to find outside of Nepal, so this example by Ratna Books of Kathmandu is a valuable contribution to the field of Nepalese linguistics.



Title – Ratna’s Basic Nepali Dictionary

Author – SP Wagley & Bijay K Rauniyar

Price – £15.99





Target Readership

As the title suggests, this basic dictionary is aimed at English speakers who are learning Nepalese. It would work well in the travel section of a bookshop, perhaps alongside tourist guides aimed at people who are visiting Nepal. The dictionary is a pocket -sized book, making it ideal for travel. Nepalese students learning English as a foreign language may also benefit from this book, although the layout and pronunciation guides suggest the publisher intended it primarily for people whose first language was English.

Students of South Asian languages will also find this book useful, although students who already know basic Nepalese may want to seek out a more advanced dictionary. Check our current stock for further details.

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Book Review: Principles of Urban Structure, by Nikos Salingaros

Vajra Books | ISBN: 9789937623322 | £22.50 paperback

Is a city best viewed as an organic, self-evolving construct, or is the primary influence that of central planners? These often contradictory views shape the way that people view the urban environment. Principles Of Urban Structure provides a refreshing view of contemporary city development by looking at individual structures within a city, and the interrelationship they have with each other. It therefore sidesteps the big picture and looks at the constituent parts, leading, ironically, to a new and deeper understanding of the whole.

The author’s primary concern is industrial and post-industrial development in the period following World War II. In India this has seen a phenomenal expansion in urban centres, both as places of work and places to live. Nikos Salingaros applies concepts such as fractal development and comparative scale to various models of contemporary urban planning, shedding new light on the questions of sustainability, practicality and aesthetic beauty.

The Principles in this book can be applied to cities anywhere in the world, but they are especially poignant for the booming urban centres of the developing world, where overcrowding, pollution and chronic strain on infrastructure are necessitating creative new approaches to planning. Published in 2014, it is interesting to read this book against the backdrop of recent urban developments in China, such as garden cities, and how these structural changes may affect the urban landscape of the coming 50 years.



Title – Principles of Urban Structure

Author – Nikos Salingaros

Price – £22.50




Target Readership

Principles of Urban Structure is a book about architecture, environmental policy and urban planning. It covers matters such as logistics, building, waste management and other topics in a sweeping and detailed narrative. It is an academic book and one primarily aimed at students and teachers involved in the theory of urban planning – but some technically minded general readers will find it interesting as well.
For bookshops with an architectural section, or academic libraries, this book offers a new, contemporary perspective to city planning that links the largest scale urban structures with the smallest.

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