Gold In The World

TITLE: Gold Of The World


ISBN: 9788124611654

STYLE: Hardback

PUBLICATION DATE: 30 September 2022

PRICE: UK – £174.99, US – $188.75


A stunning and comprehensive guide to the world’s most famous precious metal.

  • A gorgeously produced and thoroughly detailed encyclopedia of gold including its scientific properties, cultural history, use as currency, where it can be mined and how it can be made into beautiful objects.
  • A wonderful coffee table book that would take pride of place for any gold or precious metal enthusiast, jeweler, artisan manufacturer, library or luxury business.
  • Dr T.M. Babu is one of the world’s most prominent exploration geologists and an authority on gems and precious metals.



We are fascinated by the allure of gold – from Olympic medals to Oscars – it is a cultural touchstone all across the entire world. It is used for our jewelry our currency and our microchips.

Gold In The World is the only authoritative, but also easily readable, guide to everything about gold across the entire globe.



DR T.M. BABU is an exploration geologist who, for nearly 5 decades, searched for gold, diamonds and other resources in some of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world. He is the author of previous scientific books on diamonds, platinum, tin, mining and metal production.

Popularly known as ‘Tin Babu’ for his discovery of the largest tin deposit in Central India, he has received national awards from the Indian government and the Geological Society of India.

Temple Lamp

TITLE: Temple Lamp

AUTHOR: Mirza Ghalib

PRICE: UK£4.24, US$4.99

CATEGORY: Fiction/Poetry/Translation & Interpretation

ISBN: 978-06-700-9432-5

EDITION: Hardback




IMPRINT: Hamish Hamilton




The poem ‘Chiragh-e-Dair’ or Temple Lamp is an eloquent and vibrant Persian masnavi by Mirza Ghalib.

While we quote liberally from his Urdu poetry, we know little of his writings in Persian, and while we read of his love for the city of Delhi, we discover in Temple Lamp, his rapture over the spiritual and sensual city of Banaras. Chiragh-e-Dair is being translated directly from Persian into English in its entirety for the first time, with a critical Introduction by Maaz Bin Bilal.

It is Mirza Ghalib’s pean to Kashi, which he calls Kaaba-e-Hindostan or the Mecca of India.



Mirza Ghalib (1797-1869) was one of the greatest Urdu poets most well known for his ghazals. He lived during the reign of the last Mughal king, whose court was the centre of the golden age of Urdu poetry. Chiragh-e Dair is a masnavi he wrote on the city of Banaras en route to Calcutta.

The Bellboy

TITLE: The Bellboy

AUTHOR: Anees Salim

PRICE: UK£6.35, US$7.49

CATEGORY: Modern & Contemporary Fiction

ISBN: 978-06-700-9598-8

EDITION: Hardback




IMPRINT: Hamish Hamilton

RIGHTS: Indian Subcontinent



Latif’s life changes when he is appointed bellboy at the Paradise Lodge – a hotel where people come to die.

After his father’s death, drowned in the waters surrounding their small Island, it is 17 year-old Latif’s turn to become the man of the house and
provide for his ailing mother and sisters. Despite discovering a dead body on his first day of duty, Latif finds entertainment spying on guests and regaling the hotel’s janitor, Stella, with made-up stories. However, when Latif finds the corpse of a smalltime actor in Room 555 and becomes a mute-witness to a crime that happens there, the course of Latif’s life is irretrievably altered.

The Bellboy is as much a commentary on how society treats and victimizes the intellectually vulnerable as it is about the quiet resentment brewing against religious minorities in India today. With a mix of wry humour and heart-wrenching poignancy, the book narrates a young boy’s coming-of-age on a small island, and his innocence that persists even in the face of adversity and inevitable tragedy.



At the age of sixteen, Anees dropped out of school and left home to become a writer. He travelled across India and worked as a bellboy, waiter, shop assistant and ghost writer before joining advertising. He currently works as a Creative Director with FCB India.

His published works include Vanity Bagh (winner of The Hindu Literary Prize for Best Fiction 2013), The Blind Lady’s Descendants (winner of the Raymond Crossword Book Award for Best Fiction 2014 and the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award 2018), The Small-town Sea (winner of the Atta Galatta-Banaglore Literature Festival Book Prize for Best Fiction 2017), and The Odd Book of Baby Names.

His works have been translated into French, German and several Indian languages.

A Mirror Made Of Rain

TITLE: A Mirror Made Of Rain

AUTHOR: Naheed Phiroze Patel

PRICE: UK£ 4.18, US$5.02

ISBN: 978-93-56292-95-6

EDITION: Paperback



RIGHTS: Indian Subcontinent



By turns fizzy and funny, poignant and sad, A Mirror Made of Rain is an acute, intensely readable exploration of hurt and resilience.‘ – Namita Gokhale.

A Mirror Made of Rain is a devastating coming-of-age novel about the wounds of inherited trauma. Noomi Wadia, a bright, quick-tempered young woman with a penchant for getting into trouble, struggles with the fraught relationship she has with her mother. She grows from a lonely, wild-hearted teenager to a troubled adult who finds love but not happiness. Soon, Noomi realizes that her worst fears have come to pass – she is trapped in the same cycle of self-destructiveness as her mother, and she must battle her impulses or risk losing everything. Naheed Phiroze Patel’s astonishing debut brings alive a world and characters that are complex and breathtakingly real, and portrays with honesty and empathy the darkness that addiction and mental illness cast over a family.



Naheed Phiroze Patel received her MFA in fiction from Columbia University’s School of the Arts. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, HuffPost, The Rumpus,, New England Review, BOMB Magazine, EuropeNow Journal, PEN America, and elsewhere. She lives in the greater New York City area and works as a freelance essayist, interviewer and critic.

Colebrooke’s Translation Of The Lilavati

TITLE: Colebrooke’s Translation Of The Lilavati

AUTHOR: Haran Chandra Banerji

PRICE: UK£ 27.99, US$33.68

PUBLISHER: Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN-13: 978-93-92510-93-9

EDITION: Hardback






This book is a translation of Lilavati, a standard work on Hindu Mathematics written by Bhaskaracharya; this celebrated mathematician and astronomer lived in the 12th Century A.D. This work forms the first part of a larger work of the author called the Siddhantasiromani. Besides dealing with arithmetic, it also deals with Algebra and Geometry. It comprises the four simple rules; extraction of the square root and the cube root; fractions, rule of three; interest; allegation; problems producing simple and quadratic equations; arithmetical and geometric equations; indeterminate equations of the first degree; properties of triangles and quadrilaterals; areas of circles; volumes of spheres, cones and pyramids; solid contents of excavations and several other matters.

In the book the author “Colebrooke” has given translations of extracts from the leading commentaries on the Lilavati. Some of the translated extracts contain expositions of the rules and of technical terms and some contain demonstrations of the rules in a few cases. The Lilavati in Sanskrit is printed at the end, with divisions into chapters and sections corresponding to those made in the translation.

Rani Gaidinliu: Legendary Freedom Fighter From The North East

TITLE: Rani Gaidinliu: Legendary Freedom Fighter From The North East

AUTHOR: Som Kamei

SUBJECT: Biography

PRICE: UK £2.60, $US3.13

ISBN: 978-93-91125-62-2

DATE OF PUBLICATION: 2022, August 15th


BINDING: Paperback



Rani Gaidinliu was a legendary freedom fighter from north east India. As a teenager, she bravely stood up to the might of the British empire, and fought for justice and freedom from colonial repression of her community, the Zeliangrong Nagas. After Independence, the Zeliangrong people pushed for a ‘Homeland Movement’ under her charismatic leadership. She was also a fearless Naga spiritual leader who fought for the preservation of her indigenous tribal way of life by reforming the ancient Zeliangrong religion.

This monograph is a fascinating account of Rani Gaidinliu, narrating her journey as a young girl when she joined Haipou Jadonang’s movement for Makam Gwangdi or ‘Naga Raj’, and subsequently took charge of the movement after Jadonang was arrested and hanged by the British. It recounts how Gaidinliu later came to be known as ‘Rani Gaidinliu’- a name made famous by Jawaharlal Nehru who was touched by her stories of revolt and imprisonment during his travels in the north east before Indian Independence.

This work shows how Rani Gaidinliu rose as a new hope and became a symbol of resistance for her community, the Zeliangrong Nagas, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s call for freedom.



Som Kamei is a member of the Indian Postal Services. Born in Imphal, Manipur, he is an alumnus of Hindu College, Delhi University and did his Masters and MPhil in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is currently based in Dimapur, Nagaland where he lives with his wife and three children.

A sports enthusiast, he also enjoys travelling and reading. His interests include tribal studies and ethnic movements and he writes on cultural and social issues of north east India. This is his first book.


Learn To Code With Scratch

ISBN: 9789391392727
eISBN: 9789391392796

UK Price: £12.99
Pages: 130
Size: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Release Date: 30TH jUNE-2022
Binding: Paperback
Learn to Code with Scratch
Let Your Kids’ Creative Ideas Come to Life by Coding Them into Programs
Muskan Arora
Enjoy making games and apps through coding and boost your computational thinking.
  • Series of examples, detailed illustrations, and easy navigation to teach every essential of Scratch programming.
  • Special emphasis on teaching logical thinking and how to code it in applications.
  • Simple, easy explanation and best-suited for everyone to begin with the world of coding.

‘Learn to Code with Scratch’ prepares your child to begin building cool apps, games, animated stories, quizzes, and a variety of other enjoyable applications. This book teaches your child what a programme is and how it works using Scratch, a comprehensive visual programming language.
This book teaches your child how to connect various code blocks and establish the program’s logic by using seven distinct games and applications, including a haunted party, a talking robot, a mystical story, and a humorous quiz game. You will learn how to write and create a programme in Scratch and how to run your programme and save and share it with your loved ones.
**Special treats for kids:**
  • Tens of games, stories, and animations are created from the start.
  • A comprehensive course covering all of the interesting features included in Scratch 3.0 programming.
  • Instructions in vibrant colors and a simple navigation system guides you through the fundamentals of coding.
  • Encourages your juniors to think logically and develop their mathematics abilities.
  • Breaking down big problems into simpler ones, teaching your child to be a problem solver.
  • Develops coding skills by creating games and apps that your children enjoy.
  • Translate your children’s imagination to reality by coding their ideas into programmes.
If your child can read and write, they can learn to code independently by following the instructions in this book. There is no requirement for prior knowledge or expertise in coding. All you have to do is help them download the Scratch offline tool, and the rest is explained in great detail.
1. What is Coding and how To code
2. What Is Scratch
3. Talking Robot
4. Flying Cat
5. The Haunted party
6. Colourful City
7. Funny Quiz Game
8. Magic Story
9. Our Solar System


Coding or programming, Scratch programming, Blocks of Scratch, Games in Scratch, Easy project in scratch, Save and share a program, Choose different kinds of sprites in Scratch, Backdrop in Scratch
Coding or programming, Scratch programming, Blocks of Scratch, Games in Scratch, Easy project in scratch, Save and share a program, Choose different kinds of sprites in Scratch, Backdrop in Scratch, Funny project in Scratch, Block-Based programming, Drag and Drop Coding, Adding music in Scratch

BISAC ( 3 BISAC CODES REQUIRED, please refer )
COM051010    COMPUTERS / Languages / General
Category: Website Development, Website Designing, WordPress Development
Concept: No-Code Web Development, CMS Systems

Muskan Arora is an educationist and a tutor with 10 years of coding experience. She is also an owner of a YouTube channel  “Eduplan By Muskan Arora”.
Slogan/Catchy Phrases – 7-10 (to be filled by author)
  1. Make your games
  2. Scratch as a block-based language
  3. Succeed with Scratch
  4. Make Funny stories In Scratch
  5. Learn Scratch and be a programmer
  6. Become a programmer
  7. Discover and explore with Scratch



Title: Chalo Delhi: Writings and Speeches 1943–1945, Netaji Collected Works, volume 12

Editors: Sisir K. Bose and Sugata Bose

Price:  £14.99

ISBN: 978-93-5442-041-2

Market rights: World

Edition: First

Binding: Paperback

Size: Demy Octavo

Extent: 488 (including art plates)

Colour Text: B/W

Cover: 4 Colour

Advance copies: August 2021

Complete stocks: August 2021

Co-publication: Netaji Research Bureau, Kolkata


If you’re looking for a life tale full of inspiration, finding freedom and independence, then this is the book for you. The story of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and his travels to Southeast Asia in seek of Indian independence are all revealed in the Orient BlackSwan, New Delhi.

The Book 

After a perilous ninety-day submarine voyage, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose arrived in Southeast Asia on 6 May 1943 to lead the Indian independence movement. ‘Only when the blood of freedom loving Indians begins to flow’, he declared in one of his broadcasts in June 1943, ‘will India attain her freedom’. In his last message, on 15 August 1945, he urged faith in India’s destiny and expressed confidence that ‘India shall be free and before long’.

Volume 12 of Netaji’s Collected Works brings together all his speeches and writings as leader of the Azad Hind movement from June 1943 to August 1945. His stirring speeches in Singapore, Malaya, and Burma electrified massive audiences of civilians and soldiers, united Indians of all religions, and inspired them to join the march towards Delhi.

This volume is indispensable for all interested in modern South Asian history and politics, as well as nationalism and international relations in the twentieth century.


About The Editors

Sisir Kumar Bose (1920–2000) founded the Netaji Research Bureau in 1957 and was its guiding spirit until his death in 2000. A participant in the Indian freedom struggle, he was imprisoned by the British in the Lahore Fort, Red Fort and Lyallpur Jail. In the post-independence period he played a key role in preserving the best traditions of the anti-colonial movement and making possible the writing of its history.

Sugata Bose is the Gardiner Professor of History at Harvard University. He is the author of several books on the economic, social and political history of modern South Asia.


The Market

Reference: History, Political Science





Crafting A Future

Crafting A Future

Stories of Indian Textiles and Sustainable Practices

by Archana Shah


276 pages

INR 1495

ISBN  978-93-91125-22-6


Price: £44.99

Archana Shah started her career as a design student with a passion for the traditional craft skills of indigenous artisans; her interest encouraged her to travel across the country to study and experience the vast variety of different textile practises and techniques. Shah has now been creating textiles for urban markets in collaboration for over 40 years. ‘Crafting A Future’ delves into the vocational skills of artisans and their unique expertise.

Crafting a Future is a heartfelt celebration of artisans and their vocational skills. Each region in India has its own distinctive raw materials, craft techniques, textiles, motifs and colour palettes, and through her well-researched narrative enriched with numerous stories, Archana Shah demonstrates the diversity and true value of handcrafted textile processes. She believes that handspun, handwoven fabrics made using indigenous fibres and natural materials for dyeing will help create a unique identity for handcrafted textiles, and suggests ways to repurpose the abundant artisanal talent available across the country to rejuvenate this sector. These tenets are woven throughout the book, which is broadly divided into three sections based on natural fibres: cotton from plants, silk from insects and wool from animals. This resonates with Gandhiji’s concept of developing khadi and village industries to rejuvenate the rural economy, and stimulate development through a bottom-up approach.

Beyond its beauty and heritage value, artisanal production is eco-friendly, has a negligible carbon footprint and fulfils most of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It has the potential for creating dignified employment opportunities for millions of people in their own regional location, so that they are not compelled by economic constraints to abandon their ancestral professions and migrate to urban slums to earn a meagre livelihood as unskilled labourers. In essence, the book focuses on artisans, their aspirations and fulfilment in their work. It also draws upon their traditional wisdom to address two of the most serious challenges that we face today: growing unemployment and climate change.

5 New History Book Releases From Sharada Books

Sharada Books are synonymous with detailed but accessible academic history publications, covering all aspects of India’s philosophical, cultural, and religious heritage. The publisher is known for the depth of their content and the beauty of their books – with each title available as an imposing hardback, rich with photographs, line drawings, and references. So far in 2021, there have been five notable new releases, each strongly recommended for private book collections, universities, and libraries.

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