Vishnu Purana

TITLE: Vishnu Purana

AUTHOR: Bibek Debroy

SUBJECT: Translation & Interpretation, Religion: General

PRICE:  UK £6.27, $US7.50

EDITION: Paperback



ISBN: 9780143456865


SIZE: 216mm x 135mm



The Vishnu Purana is part of a series of eighteen sacred Hindu texts known
collectively as the Puranas. It occupies a prominent position among the ancient
Vaishnava Puranas which recount tales of creation and the many incarnations of
Lord Vishnu. It describes the four classes of society, the four stages of life, and
key astronomical concepts related to Hinduism.

Brimming with insight and told with clarity, this translation of the Vishnu Purana
by Bibek Debroy presents readers with an opportunity to truly understand the
classical Indian mythic texts. Debroy has previously translated the Bhagavata
Purana, the Markandeya Purana, and the Brahma Purana.



Bibek Debroy is a renowned economist, scholar and translator. He has worked
in universities, research institutes, industry and for the government. He has
widely published books, papers and articles on economics. As a translator, he
is best known for his magnificent rendition of the Mahabharata in ten volumes as
well as the three-volume Valmiki Ramayana-both of which have been published
to wide acclaim by Penguin Classics. He is also the author of Sarama and Her
Children, which splices his interest in Hinduism with his love for dogs. Most
recently, he translated the Bhagavata Purana and the Markandeya Purana for
Penguin Classics.

A Thousand Kisses Deep

TITLE: A Thousand Kisses Deep

AUTHOR: Novoneel Chakraboty

SUBJECT: Romance, Thriller/Suspense, Adventure

PRICE:  UK £2.08, $US2.49

EDITION: Paperback



ISBN: 9780143458234


SIZE: 198mm x 129mm



Humiliatingly rejected by Haasil, even after she thought she had him, Pallavi
sets forth on a self-destructive path, seeking one life-thrill after the other. All she
desires is to heal the wounds that haunt her every move, not allowing her to be
herself. Neither can she forget Haasil nor can she reach him any more. That is,
until she meets Palki, Haasil’s ex-wife who is presumed dead by the world.

Talking to Palki, Pallavi realizes she has found the ultimate weapon to destroy
Haasil: the one man who changed her life and persona forever. She plans a
deadly set of events that catch Haasil, Palki and his current love, Swadha,
unaware. As the dice of destiny is rolled, the question looms: will Pallavi destroy
Haasil irreversibly using his once true love, Palki, or will she, for once, come to
terms with her deep love for him?

A Thousand Kisses Deep is an emotional whirlwind depicting modern layered
relationships, lost love and how, sometimes, destiny’s plans are quite contrary
to what we have been coveting all our life. As Haasil, Pallavi, Palki and Swadha
go about life seeking their personal answers and solace, they realize love, after
all, is still not done with any of them.


Novoneel Chakraborty is the prolific author of fifteen bestselling thriller novels,
two e-novellas and one bestselling short-story collection, with his works being
translated into multiple Indian languages. Almost all his novels have debuted in
the top three Nielsen listings across India and have continued to be in the top
positions on various bestseller lists for several months after release.
His Forever series made it to the Times of India’s Most Stunning Books of 2017
list, while the Stranger trilogy became a phenomenal hit among young adults,
with Amazon tagging it, along with his erotic thriller Black Suits You, as their
memorable reads of the year. He has sold over 1 million copies and is India’s
most popular thriller novelist.

His latest releases, Cross Your Heart, Take My Name and Roses Are Blood
Red, are still on the top ten lists across India. His twists, dark plots and strong
female protagonists have earned him the moniker ‘Sidney Sheldon of India’.
The Stranger trilogy, his immensely popular thriller series, has been translated
into six Indian languages. The trilogy has also been adapted into a successful
web series by Applause Entertainment on MX Player, amassing a whopping 450
million-plus views. His erotic thriller novel Black Suits You has been adapted
into a hit web series by ALTBalaji, along with the digital exclusive novella Red
Suits You, which is all set to be adapted soon.

Apart from novels, Novoneel has written and developed several hit TV and
original web shows for premier channels like MX Player, Sony, Star Plus, Zee
and Zee5. He lives and works in Mumbai.

Tribes of India: Realities and Representations

Publisher‏:Vitasta Publishing Pvt.Ltd; First edition (9 June 2022)


Paperback:280 pages


ISBN-13: ‎ 978-9390961924

Reading age: ‎ 12 years and up

Item Weight:319 g

Dimensions:22 x 14 x 1.6 cm

Country of Origin:India

Price: £7.95


About the Book

The term ‘tribe/tribal’ is at the heart of several contentious issues of contemporary Indian society. For centuries the tribal communities have been subjected to domination and control by the outsiders and been victims of cultural genocide. As a result, their relationship with forests has been violated, their lifestyle that epitomised harmony with Nature, stands denigrated causing colossal disruption of the everyday practices. Does the process of subjugation and assimilation imply a complete disintegration of tribal practices and tradition? What are the challenges posed by modernisation, sankritisation, and globalisation on linguistic realities and its effect on tribal identity and culture? What happens when the indigenous language faces threat from the outside world? Does it succumb to the pressure and becomes extinct?

This book offers critical insights into questions that are fundamental as well as contemporary in the field of tribal research. From oral cultures and language issues to the radical aspects in tribal Ramayanas and Mahabharatas, to ethnographic studies on tribal monetary traditions, textile, and handicrafts, not to mention the chapters on literary studies of authors like Mamang Dai, Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, and Mahasweta Devi, the book encompasses a variety of research work that is multidisciplinary, heterogeneous in scope and yet, incisive in argumentation.


About the Authors

Ruby Bhardwaj, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, JDMC, has researched and published on medical pluralism, assisted reproductive technologies and other issues of relevance in Medical Sociology.

Charu Kala is an Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, JDMC. Her areas of interest include Sociology of Religion, Kinship and Social Research.

Ananda: Happiness Without Reason

Ananda: Happiness Without Reason by Acharya Prashant

Price: £8.99


Publisher: ‎ Harper Collins India (June 27, 2022)

Publication date:June 30, 2022


What is that one fundamental thing for which we go about toiling all our lives – sacrificing, negotiating, scheming, praying? Intuitively, one might answer: happiness. But do we really know what happiness is?

Most of the existing literature paints a fuzzy picture of happiness, beautiful in words but lacking in practicality. In this book, Acharya Prashant shatters all misconceptions about happiness jargons like ‘loving unconditionally’ and ‘living in the present’. He explains how what we commonly understand as happiness exists only in the backdrop of sadness, and what man is really looking for is not just happiness, but Ananda – an unconditional joy free from both happiness and sadness. Discarding multiple myths that burden our consciousness, the book draws from scriptures like the Gita and the Upanishads, revealing the true meaning of Ananda.

If you have the courage to question your deep-rooted beliefs and enter an unfathomable territory beyond the duality of happiness and sadness, this book is for you.

Manipur University Restoring Normalcy


Size: 23.5cm X 16cm X 3cm

Format: HB

Page Count: 368 (Illus.)

Price: £31.99

Genre: Education & Administration

Pkg Weight: 650gms

Pub. Month: May 2022



This book covers all areas and issues that are important for the management of universities. It gives the history of the establishment of Manipur University, its conversion to a Central university, various difficulties faced, and the indefinite strike launched by the students, teachers and staff members from 31 May 2018. It narrates the efforts made by the Central and the state governments to resolve the impasse, restore normalcy and start the academic session. As normalcy could not be restored, the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur, after hearing Public Interest Litigations, appointed the author, Jarnail Singh, as Administrator of the university to restore normalcy and fully empowered him to discharge the functions of the Vice-Chancellor as provided under the Manipur University Act, 2005 and relevant statutes.

In the book, the author has analysed all issues, matters, actions and non-actions which had affected the functioning of the university and required immediate attention. The author mentions the initiatives taken by him to restore normalcy as well as the difficulties he faced from different quarters in respect of general administration, academics, promotions and recruitment of faculty/non-faculty members, holding of Executive Council meetings, financial management, account keeping and in construction of buildings. As most of the issues mentioned in the book are relevant to all universities, this will be useful to all those who are involved in the management of universities. The author recommends that if the VC, Registrar, Finance Officer and the University Engineer are well conversant with all the rules and regulations, and follow these strictly, the university administration can be run efficiently.


About the Author

JARNAIL SINGH joined IAS in 1974 and was allotted the erstwhile Manipur-Tripura cadre. He is a BSc Engineering (Hons) and MSc Engineering (Distinction) in Electrical Engineering from Panjab University, and Master in Public Administration in Public Policy and Management from John F Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, USA. Important positions held by him include: Joint Secretary to the Prime Minister (1996–2004), Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur (2004–2008), and Secretary to GOI. He also served as Advisor to the Chief Minister of Manipur on ‘Infrastructure and Power’ (2012–2017). In pursuance of the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur, he worked as Administrator of Manipur University from October 2018 to November 2020.

He is recipient of the ‘Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for the Year 2007-08’, and has written two books My Tryst With Manipur and With Four Prime Ministers: My PMO Journey (both published by Konark Publishers).



Advance Praises

This book on Manipur University by Shri Jarnail Singh IAS (Retd) is an important guidebook for all university officials on how to improve the functioning of universities. It underscores the need to follow the University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines as well the university rules, ordinances and statutes in all spheres, and especially for the timely promotion of faculty members, which also goes a long way in improving its functioning. …


Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) & Educationist


Shri Jarnail Singh IAS (Retd) deals with his historic initiatives to bring back normalcy in Manipur University, a truly Herculean task. The challenges faced by him were not unfamiliar to education administrators, but he was undaunted by them and succeeded in restoring order and making it a successful institution. Having made an effort to reform higher education in Kerala for nearly five years, I was convinced that most state universities had congenital problems, which could not be resolved easily. The experience of Shri Jarnail Singh is valuable for all educationists around the country who are struggling to reform higher education to suit the requirements of the 21st century.


Former Ambassador & Executive Vice-Chairman,

Kerala State Higher Education Council


Manipur University: Restoring Normalcy by Jarnail Singh is the best thing to have come out of Manipur University in recent times. This is going to be the most important book in the annals of Manipur University and hopefully help set a corrective course for this university which has been described by one of its own as a ‘Controversial University’. Anyone interested in the welfare of MU should and must read this book. It may also serve as a handbook on how to administer Manipur University or for that matter any university. …


Editor-in-Chief, Impact TV News, Imphal

Shadow Armies: Fringe Organizations and Foot Soldiers of Hindutva

Shadow Armies: Fringe Organizations and Foot Soldiers of Hindutva by Dhirendra K. Jha

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Juggernaut (31 January 2019)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 240 pages

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9353450195

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9353450199

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 295 g

Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 20 x 14 x 4 cm

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Price :  £12.50

Pub date : 30/01/2019

PB, Politics.


About The Book

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s steady advance over the last three decades – from two Lok Sabha seats in 1984 to 282 in 2014 – has been accompanied by the mushrooming of organizations that stir up trouble, polarize communities, incite violence and even kill – all in the name of Hindutva. There has been little to no insight into the structure of these organizations and their evolutions. Dhirendra K. Jha investigates and profiles eight such organizations across India, from Sanatan Sanstha, whose members have been charged with the brutal murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh, to Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini.


About The Author

Dhirendra K. Jha is a senior political journalist who now works with Scroll. He is the co-author of Ayodhya: The Dark Night, a revelatory account of the installation of the idol of Rama within the Babri Masjid on the night of 22 December 1949.


Publisher ‏ : ‎ Juggernaut (12 April 2017)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Price: £13.50

Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 256 pages

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9386228211

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9386228215

Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 295 g

Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 20 x 14 x 4 cm

Pub date: 15/03/2017,

HB, literary study, fiction.


About The Book

Two lost souls retreat from the inhumanity of urban life in 1990s India, deciding to shed their names and become hermits in a remote forest abode, living among animals and planting trees. However, they soon discover that the serenity that surrounds them is deceptive – that the land and the people around them are slowly succumbing to a slow poisoning. Man and Woman realize that they must re-enter the world of humanity and join the struggle against the corporations and governments turning paradise into hell. Moving from myth to history and back again, Swarga is the tale of the early days of the people’s epic struggle against endosulfan-spraying in north Kerala.

Microwave Engineering: Fundamentals, Design and Applications

Title: Microwave Engineering: Fundamentals, Design and Applications (Second Edition) (e-book)
Author: Subal Kar

Category: 45 Engineering and technology
Subject code: 20 Engineering and technical
BISAC code:  047TEC000000 – General
ISBN: 978-93-93330-03-1
Price: £7.84
Market rights: World
Book type: Textbook/ Reference
E-book uploading: April 2022

The Author:
Subal Kar is former Professor and Head of the Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta. His fields of specialisation cover microwave and millimetre-wave devices and circuits, metamaterials, THz imaging, optical communication and high energy physics. He has published a large number of research papers in international journals, contributed chapters in edited books, authored another textbook and has three patents to his credit. Dr Kar was visiting scientist to Kyoto University, Japan (1997), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA (1999–2000), Oxford University, UK (2013) as well as to other Institutes and Universities in Europe and the USA. Dr Kar received the Young Scientist Award of URSI and IEEE MTT as well as the Fulbright Award of the USA Government. He is a Fulbright Fellow, Senior Member of IEEE, Fellow of IETE and Fellow VEDA Society.

The Book:
Microwave Engineering: Fundamentals, Design and Applications, Second Edition, emphasises the basic concepts, design techniques and applications of microwave engineering in a markedly different manner. Based on feedback from students and faculty, this new edition fully covers the latest AICTE syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) students. It also covers the syllabus of most universities abroad, for graduate as well as post-graduate courses of ECE.

Salient features
⦁ All the special features and chapters of the first edition are preserved while additional new material finds a place.
⦁ Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and 3D electromagnetic field simulators have been used to solve design problems in relevant chapters.
⦁ Analytical derivations for klystron, TWT, magnetron and gyrotron have been included in Chapter 9, while those for gunn, IMPATT and MESFET/HEMT devices have been included in Chapter 10.
⦁ Simulator-based design of microwave power amplifiers has been included in Chapter 11.
⦁ Microwave mixers have been discussed in detail in Chapter 12 with simulator-based design problems.
⦁ Radar Principle and Systems has been upgraded to Radar and Radio-aids to Navigation (Chapter 14).
⦁ RFID, RF MEMS for microwave components, microwave and THz imaging have been included as emerging applications in Chapter 19.
⦁ Review questions that help in self-assessment are provided in each chapter.
⦁ Recapitulations in each chapter, have been given a new and concise avatar.
⦁ New appendices on field analysis of coaxial line, a brief analytical review of parallel-plate waveguide, non-linearity and distortion have been included in the website along with the existing appendices.

Market: UG Electronics and Communications Engineering

Promotion and Publicity: Brochures to be made and circulated.

Siva Sutras

TITLE : Siva Sutras

SUB TITLE : The Yoga of Supreme Identity

AUTHOR :  Jaideva Singh

PRICE : INR 645.00

PUBLISHER : Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN-13 : 978-93-9069-627-7

EDITION : Hardback

YEAR OF PUBLICATION :2022 (Reprint Edition)


RIGHTS : World

ABOUT THE BOOK : A year before his death, my revered Guru MM Gopinath Kaviraja called me and said, “Recently one translation of Siva-Sutras into Hindi and another into English have been brought to my notice. I have been both pained and shocked by the flagrant errors committed by these translators. It is my earnest wish that you prepared another translation of this great book into English”.

The Saiva system of Philosophy and Yoga is generally known as Agama. The world Agama means a traditional doctrine or system which commands faith.

The Saiva system, in general, is known a Siva-sasana or Sivagama. The non-dualistic Saiva system of Kashmir is known as Trika-Sasana or Trika-sastra or Rahasya-sarnpradaya. The world sasana and sastra are very significant. Both contain the root sasa which means discipline. A Sastra or Sasana in India never meant merely an intellectual exposition of a particular system.

Life and Times: An Authorized Biography

Soli Sorabjee
Life and Times: An Authorized Biography
Abhinav Chandrachud
The first authorised biography of Soli Sorabjee

Pub Date: 03 March 2022
ISBN: 9780670096411 / 0670096415
Price: £23.97
Subject: Biography: General, Autobiography: General
Format: 234mm x 153mm
Binding: Hardback
Extent: 296 pages
Territory: World
Bar Code: 9780670096411
A I Last Updated: 08 March 2022


The first authorised biography of Soli Sorabjee Abhinav Chandrachud, one of India’s foremost legal scholar

The first authorised biography of Soli Sorabjee ‘A gripping life story of a Goliath who strode the Indian legal canvass for nearly seventy years.’-Mukul Rohatgi, former Attorney General of India
How does a Parsi lawyer, deeply influenced by the principles of Roman Catholicism, fall in love with a Bahai and go on to become the Attorney General of India for a Hindu nationalist BJP government? How does a boy with a broken leg, who studied in a Gujarati medium school and lost his father at the age of nineteen, go on to mount a heroic defense of the Janata government’s decision to dissolve Congress state legislatures in the Supreme Court in 1977? How does a newspaper columnist who admires Nehru, who criticizes the BJP for
being ‘obsessed’ with ‘demolishing mosques’ and advises them to replace ‘Hindutva’ with ‘Bharatva’ or ‘Indianness’, get chosen by Prime Minister Vajpayee to represent the government in the Supreme Court in many cases including the Ayodhya case? How does a lawyer with a humdrum customs and excise law practice, whose grandfather sold horse-drawn carriages in Bombay, become a U.N. human rights rapporteur, and repeatedly defend the fundamental right to free speech and expression in the Supreme Court of India? Authorised, comprehensive and absolutely unputdownable, this first biography of Soli Sorabjee opens a window to life and times of India’s foremost constitutional experts.

Abhinav Chandrachud is an advocate who practices at the Bombay High Court. He graduated from the LL.M. program at Harvard Law School where he was a Dana Scholar, and from the JSM and JSD programs at Stanford Law School where he was a Franklin Family Scholar. He has worked as an associate attorney at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, a global law firm. He is the author of Republic of Rhetoric: Free Speech and the Constitution of India (2017) and Supreme Whispers: Conversations with Judges of the Supreme Court of India 1980-1989 (2018). He has also written for several leading newspapers in India including The Hindu, Indian Expressand the Times of India, and taught courses at Cornell Law School and NALSAR University of Law.

‘A gripping life story of a Goliath who strode the Indian legal canvass for nearly seventy years.’’ Mukul Rohatgi, former Attorney General of India
‘Soli Sorabjee was undoubtedly a doyen of the Bar. His life is a history of the post-independence era of India, and one can, in these pages, find not only a window into the life of a legal legend, but also an examination of some of the key social, political, and legal developments of the last century. … I would invite the reader therefore, to take this journey through the life of a legal luminary, a connoisseur of music, poetry and fine food, and above all a good human being.’’ K.K. Venugopal, Attorney

General of India
‘Superbly researched, this book by Abhinav Chandrachud is a must read. In the backdrop of Sorabjee’s incredible journey which every aspiring lawyer should want to know, is the story of the Supreme Court’s strides and setbacks over five formative decades. The relevance of this book transcends the legal fraternity.’’ Madhavi Goradia Divan, Additional Solicitor General in the Supreme Court of India ‘This isn’t merely the story of a remarkable lawyer but it also provides a window to many defining moments of the India’s legal history. Soli Sorabjee wasn’t just a top attorney but was also a symbol of a more cosmopolitan India. Abhinav Chandrachud skilfully captures the values that a multi-hued Sorabjee came to represent in a lifetime at the bar and beyond.’’ Rajdeep Sardesai, well-known author and news