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Come, See The World With Me

come, see the world with me front cover

TITLE: Come, See The World With Me

AUTHOR: Vilas Kale

PRICE: £44.99 (UK), $73.99 (US)

ISBN: 9789385509674

FORMAT: Paperback 4 Colour with 140 colour illustrations

DATE OF PUBLICATION: 20th November, 2022



Stunned by the silence of Antarctica, the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro, the grandeur of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the beauty of the metro stations in Moscow; inveterate traveller Vilas Kale explored the far corners of the world with enthusiasm and great interest. In his younger days he hitchhiked with his cousins across the Middle East and Europe, a trip that fuelled his need to see more, do more, experience more. And even as he found success as an entrepreneur, that spirit of adventure prevailed, taking him on more exciting trips to Africa, Australia, the United States, Scandinavia, the Antarctic and beyond.

He has wandered through exotic destinations alone and with his wife, with friends and family or with professional contacts, always wanting to go that extra mile to find something he has read about, seen in films or dreamed of, eating usually-delicious vegetarian food of the region and making friends with the locals. And he captured what he saw on canvas, some of his work illuminating this book. This is a work of love, a chronicle of adventures and expeditions that will inspire the aspiring traveller to pack a bag and take off to new destinations.



At 72, Vilas Kale lives a full life, pursuing several interests.

He has been actively working for over 53 years, establishing his own businesses. At about 20 years old, he developed a keen interest in social work and continues to be an activist in the field. He assumed the responsibilities of leadership in various organizations like JCI (Jaycees International), Dalvi Memorial Hospital, Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED), Chitnavis Trusts and a number of others.

Living in Nagpur all his life, he has been actively associated with the city and the region’s development for over five decades. A trainer in leadership skills, Vilas has been conducting training courses in personality development, purely as a social service. His passion lies in the performing arts and he has written, produced and directed several plays enjoyed by select audiences. A topical tamasha, Bik gaya Nagpur kishto pey, highlighting the systematic neglect of Vidarbha after its merger with Maharashatra, has been popularly acclaimed. His passion for travel was awakened in his teenage years and since then he has grabbed every opportunity to wander, in India and abroad. Painting, music, philosophy, reading and Sanskrit are his other interests. These days he devotes much of his time to the study of Vedanta and the Upanishads.

Neeta, his wife, is equally passionate about travel and together they enjoy their experiences with a characteristic zest for life. Rahul, their son, is involved in the family business, and Amrita, their daughter, is a freelance CSR auditor. Married to Gautam Nerker, a businessman, she lives in Mumbai and has two daughters, Ilisha (17) and Revati (14).independent book seller