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Cultural Cycles & Climate Change Online Launch

We would like to invite you to attend the online launch of  our book. Here is the zoom link for the meeting

Saturday 22 May 2021  3-4:00pm BST (UK time)

                    THE  PROGRAMME

Chairperson- Jessica Palmarozza –  Introduction


Paul Palmarozza – The Author – The Story About the Book

Jan Willem Van Doorn – The 854 Year Cultural Cycles

Arthur Farndell – Western Cultural Cycle, The Renaissance

Fr Laurence Freeman – Meditation

Hans Leewens –  Reflection & Dialogue

Dr Rahul Varma –  The Need for Service

Matthew Pye – Curbing Climate Change


More details on Cultural Cycles and Climate Change

Available on Paul’s website:

The book can now  be purchased on   with free delivery