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Gold In The World

TITLE: Gold Of The World


ISBN: 9788124611654

STYLE: Hardback

PUBLICATION DATE: 30 September 2022

PRICE: UK – £174.99, US – $188.75


A stunning and comprehensive guide to the world’s most famous precious metal.

  • A gorgeously produced and thoroughly detailed encyclopedia of gold including its scientific properties, cultural history, use as currency, where it can be mined and how it can be made into beautiful objects.
  • A wonderful coffee table book that would take pride of place for any gold or precious metal enthusiast, jeweler, artisan manufacturer, library or luxury business.
  • Dr T.M. Babu is one of the world’s most prominent exploration geologists and an authority on gems and precious metals.



We are fascinated by the allure of gold – from Olympic medals to Oscars – it is a cultural touchstone all across the entire world. It is used for our jewelry our currency and our microchips.

Gold In The World is the only authoritative, but also easily readable, guide to everything about gold across the entire globe.



DR T.M. BABU is an exploration geologist who, for nearly 5 decades, searched for gold, diamonds and other resources in some of the most remote and inhospitable places in the world. He is the author of previous scientific books on diamonds, platinum, tin, mining and metal production.

Popularly known as ‘Tin Babu’ for his discovery of the largest tin deposit in Central India, he has received national awards from the Indian government and the Geological Society of India.