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Herbs That Heal

Title: Herbs that Heal (2nd Edition)
Author: H K Bakhru
Size: 5.5 x 8.5″ | ISBN: 9788122207194
MRP: £14.99 | Pages: 250
BISAC: HEA016000
Language: English

The Magic: Herbs act in almost magical and astonishing ways — spasms may relax, pains vanish, constipation overcome, nervousness recede, headaches disappear, colds be banished, allergies counteracted, fevers controlled, blood flow arrested… the magic is endless.

The Proof: Traditional herbal remedies have led to the development of numerous ‘modern’ drugs; from aspirin, tranquilizers and chywanprash to heart saving digitalis, establishing beyond doubt the efficacy of ‘herbal medicine’.

The Book: This revised 2nd edition covers more than one hundred herbs, most of which are readily available (some even in your kitchen) and easily obtainable, and describes their specific healing properties, how the herb is useful in alleviating or preventing specific ailments; in most cases, the method of making and using herbal preparations is also explained. Index of ailments which can be effectively treated by herbs makes the book especially useful.