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Manipur University Restoring Normalcy


Size: 23.5cm X 16cm X 3cm

Format: HB

Page Count: 368 (Illus.)

Price: £31.99

Genre: Education & Administration

Pkg Weight: 650gms

Pub. Month: May 2022



This book covers all areas and issues that are important for the management of universities. It gives the history of the establishment of Manipur University, its conversion to a Central university, various difficulties faced, and the indefinite strike launched by the students, teachers and staff members from 31 May 2018. It narrates the efforts made by the Central and the state governments to resolve the impasse, restore normalcy and start the academic session. As normalcy could not be restored, the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur, after hearing Public Interest Litigations, appointed the author, Jarnail Singh, as Administrator of the university to restore normalcy and fully empowered him to discharge the functions of the Vice-Chancellor as provided under the Manipur University Act, 2005 and relevant statutes.

In the book, the author has analysed all issues, matters, actions and non-actions which had affected the functioning of the university and required immediate attention. The author mentions the initiatives taken by him to restore normalcy as well as the difficulties he faced from different quarters in respect of general administration, academics, promotions and recruitment of faculty/non-faculty members, holding of Executive Council meetings, financial management, account keeping and in construction of buildings. As most of the issues mentioned in the book are relevant to all universities, this will be useful to all those who are involved in the management of universities. The author recommends that if the VC, Registrar, Finance Officer and the University Engineer are well conversant with all the rules and regulations, and follow these strictly, the university administration can be run efficiently.


About the Author

JARNAIL SINGH joined IAS in 1974 and was allotted the erstwhile Manipur-Tripura cadre. He is a BSc Engineering (Hons) and MSc Engineering (Distinction) in Electrical Engineering from Panjab University, and Master in Public Administration in Public Policy and Management from John F Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, USA. Important positions held by him include: Joint Secretary to the Prime Minister (1996–2004), Chief Secretary, Government of Manipur (2004–2008), and Secretary to GOI. He also served as Advisor to the Chief Minister of Manipur on ‘Infrastructure and Power’ (2012–2017). In pursuance of the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Manipur, he worked as Administrator of Manipur University from October 2018 to November 2020.

He is recipient of the ‘Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for the Year 2007-08’, and has written two books My Tryst With Manipur and With Four Prime Ministers: My PMO Journey (both published by Konark Publishers).



Advance Praises

This book on Manipur University by Shri Jarnail Singh IAS (Retd) is an important guidebook for all university officials on how to improve the functioning of universities. It underscores the need to follow the University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines as well the university rules, ordinances and statutes in all spheres, and especially for the timely promotion of faculty members, which also goes a long way in improving its functioning. …


Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) & Educationist


Shri Jarnail Singh IAS (Retd) deals with his historic initiatives to bring back normalcy in Manipur University, a truly Herculean task. The challenges faced by him were not unfamiliar to education administrators, but he was undaunted by them and succeeded in restoring order and making it a successful institution. Having made an effort to reform higher education in Kerala for nearly five years, I was convinced that most state universities had congenital problems, which could not be resolved easily. The experience of Shri Jarnail Singh is valuable for all educationists around the country who are struggling to reform higher education to suit the requirements of the 21st century.


Former Ambassador & Executive Vice-Chairman,

Kerala State Higher Education Council


Manipur University: Restoring Normalcy by Jarnail Singh is the best thing to have come out of Manipur University in recent times. This is going to be the most important book in the annals of Manipur University and hopefully help set a corrective course for this university which has been described by one of its own as a ‘Controversial University’. Anyone interested in the welfare of MU should and must read this book. It may also serve as a handbook on how to administer Manipur University or for that matter any university. …


Editor-in-Chief, Impact TV News, Imphal