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New English-Language Academic Books From Pakistan – Available Now Through Al Abbas Books

Our friends at Al Abbas Books have released a list of new English-language publications from leading Pakistani academic authors. The publications cover a broad range of contemporary and historical subjects, including Islamic spirituality, history, and culture, colonial studies, jurisprudence, economic analysis, regional development, human rights activism, geopolitics, and military history.

  • Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan, Local Actions, Local Voices: – by Anita M.Weiss ((ISBN: 9789697340149, £31.50)
  • Tassawwuf: The Real Spirit of Islam – by Syed Ali Baqar Naqvi (ISBN: 9789694074771, £16.50)
  • The Holy Quran, A Continuous Miracle – Prof. Dr Muhammad Akram Chaudhary (ISBN: 9789698042875, £23.99)
  • Elements of Blue Economy – V/Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Rao (Retd) (ISBN: 9789694487878, £35.50)
  • Conflict and Cooperation in South Asia: Role of Major Powers – Various (Islamabad Policy Research Institute) (ISBN: 9789698721763, £14.99)
  • Two Years of Democracy in Pakistan, Scholarly View on Pakistan’s Democracy Two Years Democratic Journey Civil Military Relations in Pakistan – – Dr. Muhammad Ali Ehsan (ISBN: 9789697280353, £49.50)
  • Finding Jesus is Finding Islam, Reply to Nabeel Qureshi’s book: Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus – Aamir Ibrahim al-Ash’ari (ISBN: 9789697943067. £27.50)
  • Deconstructing Hegemony, Contemporary Middle East Literature, Theory and Historiography – Eman El-Meligi – Eman El-Meligi (ISBN: 9780199408467, £19.99)
  • Bleeding Kashmir, Oppressed Kashmiris Waiting for Justice and Plebscite – Senator Dr. A Rehman Malik (Sitara-i-Shujaat) (ISBN: 9789697639021, £27.50)
  • Kuwait War 1990 & Its Aftermath – Zafar Malik (ISBN: 9789694795683, £27.50)
  • Peoples History of Punjab – Dr Manzur Ejaz (ISBN: 9789694026237, £27.50)
  • General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan: The Rise and Fall of a soldier, 1947-1971 – Brigadier A.R Siddiqi (Retd) (ISBN: 9780190701413, £22.50)
  • The Politics of Ethnicity and Federalism in Pakistan: Local, National and Comparative Perspectives – Edited by Ryan Brasher (ISBN: 9780190700454, £25.50)
  • State of Human Rights in 2018 – Various (Human Rights Commission of Pakistan) (ISBN: 9789698324880, £16.50)
  • The Pakistan Penal Code Act No.XLV of 1860 – Muhammad Abdul Basit Advocate High Court (ISBN: 9789695571736, £49.99)
  • Pakistan And Super Powers: A Historical Perspective – Mehrunnisa Ali (ISBN: 9789694074436, £49.99)
  • The Baloch National Struggle in Pakistan Emergence and Dimensions – Jan Muhammad Dashti (ISBN: 9789698025427, £17.99)
  • Alternative History – Dr. Naazir Mahmood (ISBN: 9789697753437, £14.99)
  • Impact of Pakistan Maritime Affairs on Blue Economy in BackDrop of CPEC – Dr. S M Shahzad SI (M) Commodore (ISBN: 9781913553067, £23.99)

All 19 titles are now available to purchase through Amazon. Please get in touch to discuss wholesale or trade purchases.