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New Releases From Juggernaut Books Q1 2021

2021 has already been an exciting year of new releases from Juggernaut Books – one of India’s leading independent English-language publishing houses. Here are our pick of four new publications from January & February 2021. Included here are a practical book on everyday health and well-being, an important compilation of essays on freedom, a nail-biting true crime story based on events in 2017, and a captivating collection of young children’s adventure stories that are sure to become favourites of parents and kids alike.

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1) ‘The 12-Week Fitness Project (Updated for 2021 with 12 Extra Guidelines)’ – by Rujuta Diwekar (ISBN: 9789353451417, £9.99)

Publisher description: Lose inches. Gain health. Sleep better. In just 12 weeks. Want to get fit but don’t know how to start? Let India’s #1 nutritionist and health advocate Rujuta Diwekar help you.

In this groundbreaking book, based on the ‘12-week fitness project’, one of the world’s largest and most successful public health projects, she will guide you step by step, giving you one simple guideline to follow each week.

By the end of three months you will have transformed your habits in twelve crucial ways. The result? You’ll find you have lost inches and have better sleep and energy levels, lesser acidity, bloating and sweet cravings and reduced PMS and period pain.



2) ‘Our Freedoms : Essays and Stories from India’s Best Writers’ – by Nilanjana S. Roy (Editor) (ISBN: 9789353451455, £17.99)

Roshan Ali, Rana Ayyub, Amitabha Bagchi, Gautam Bhatia, Amit Chaudhuri, Priyanka Dubey, Yashica Dutt, Menaka Guruswamy, Raghu Karnad, Akhil Katyal, T.M. Krishna, Aanchal Malhotra, Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Suketu Mehta, Perumal Murugan, Karthika Nair, Snigdha Poonam, Gyan Prakash, Vivek Shanbhag, Aatish Taseer, Romila Thapar, Salil Tripathi, Annie Zaidi. As India faces some of its greatest challenges, the country’s most brilliant voices write about what freedom means to them. Inspiring, searching and full of ideas – this is the book of our times. Proceeds from this book will go to Karwan e Mohabbat.


3) ‘The Ryan School Murder’ – by Leena Dhankhar (ISBN: 9789353451479, £13.99)

On 8 September 2017, a student was found murdered in a blood-splattered bathroom of his school in Gurugram. What followed was a bizarre cover-up and destruction of evidence, the framing of an innocent bus conductor by the police and the subsequent arrest by the CBI of a sixteen-year-old student suspected of brutally murdering the young boy. In this book, the investigative journalist Leena Dhankhar untangles the messy threads of the case and takes us behind the scenes of a most horrible crime. She asks and answers the troubling questions that haunt us all. Why were the police involved in a clumsy cover-up? Did an older student really kill his young schoolmate? What could possibly lead a sixteen-year-old to do such a thing?


4) ‘Grandpa’s Suitcase of Stories’ – by Stuti Agarwal and Kavita Arvind (ISBN: 9789353451431, £7.99)

This book will take you on many wonderful adventures and you may not want to come back! Abir and Megha are visiting Grandpa in the hills for their holidays. Grandpa is the best. He lets them sleep late, allows them endless hot chocolate and, best of all, tells them the most amazing stories which he pulls out of his old red suitcase. Reading level: For 6 years and above.