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TITLE: Pratyabhijnahrdayam

SUBTITLE : The Secret of Self-Recognition

AUTHOR: Jaidev Singh

PRICE: £12.99 (PB)

£21.99 (HB)

PUBLISHER: Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN-13 : 978-93-92510-08-3  (PB)

978-93-92510-07-6  (HB)

EDITION: Hardback

MONTH, YEAR OF PUBLICATION: 2021 (First Reprint Edition)




ABOUT THE BOOK:  Pratyabhijnahrdayam serves as the best introduction to the Pratyabhijna philosophy of Kashmir. Very little is known of the life and parentage of Ksemaraja. It has been very rightly said that his book, Pratyabhijnahrdayam occupies the same place in Saiva or Trika literature as Vedantasara does in Vedanta. It avoids all polemics and gives in a very succinct form the main tenets of the Pratyabhijna system. He says at the very outset of his work.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jaideva Singh was an Indian musicologist and philosopher born in 1893. He attended the Kashmir Saivism school of Indian philosophy, where he studied in Kashmir and published his first English and Hindi translations of a number of Shaivite scriptures.