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Ratna’s Basic Nepali Dictionary, By SP Wagley&Bijay K Rauniyar

Ratna Books |ISBN: 9789993358015 | £15.99 paperback

With nearly 14,500 individual entries,Ratna’s Basic Nepali Dictionary is one of the best introductory English-Nepalese dictionaries currently available on the market. First published in 2005, this is the second, paperback edition from 2008. The book has high quality binding and an intuitive layout, featuring an average 30 words on each page.

The dictionary is divided into two sections, Nepali-English and English – Nepali, making it quick and easy to look up specific words. Nepalese words are written in Devanagari script and a Roman transliteration, making the dictionary ideal for newcomers to the language. Each entry includes an intuitive pronunciation guide, as well as basic meanings and etymology. There is also a useful appendix explaining common abbreviations used in both languages.

For someone learning Nepali, Ratna’s Dictionary makes it easy to see the relationship between words and to quickly expand their working vocabulary. Nepali dictionaries (as opposed to tourist phrasebooks) are hard to find outside of Nepal, so this example by Ratna Books of Kathmandu is a valuable contribution to the field of Nepalese linguistics.



Title – Ratna’s Basic Nepali Dictionary

Author – SP Wagley & Bijay K Rauniyar

Price – £15.99





Target Readership

As the title suggests, this basic dictionary is aimed at English speakers who are learning Nepalese. It would work well in the travel section of a bookshop, perhaps alongside tourist guides aimed at people who are visiting Nepal. The dictionary is a pocket -sized book, making it ideal for travel. Nepalese students learning English as a foreign language may also benefit from this book, although the layout and pronunciation guides suggest the publisher intended it primarily for people whose first language was English.

Students of South Asian languages will also find this book useful, although students who already know basic Nepalese may want to seek out a more advanced dictionary. Check our current stock for further details.

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