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Sanatana Dharma

TITLE: Sanatana Dharma

AUTHOR: G.C. Tripathi

PRICE:  UK – £27.99, US $30.19

PUBLISHER: Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN-13: 978-93-92510-89-2

EDITION: Hardback

DATE OF PUBLICATION: 30 October 2022





This jewel of the book on the fundamental doctrines and the basis principles of Hinduism was prepared more than a hundred years ago by a group of established scholars of the subject at the request of Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji, the founder of Benares Hindu University.

It was to serve as compulsory – although subsidiary – reading for every student who was studying at the University irrespective of the field or subject of his or her study.

The Present book is an excellent introduction not only to the moral and ethical values of the Hinduism, but also to the beliefs and the multiple religious rites which an adherent of this religion, the sanatana-dharma or Hinduism, is supposed to perform on different occasions, daily, monthly, annually or on other particular occasions along with the rituals accompanying them.

It also sheds light on the main body of its philosophical tenets like the theory of the immortality of the soul, the theory of Karman, the system of re-birth and the nature of final salvation (moksha) etc.

The best part of the book is that every statement and the performance of each rite is corroborated by appropriate quotations from religious texts making the book very authentic and dependable.