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Siva Sutras

TITLE : Siva Sutras

SUB TITLE : The Yoga of Supreme Identity

AUTHOR :  Jaideva Singh

PRICE : INR 645.00

PUBLISHER : Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN-13 : 978-93-9069-627-7

EDITION : Hardback

YEAR OF PUBLICATION :2022 (Reprint Edition)


RIGHTS : World

ABOUT THE BOOK : A year before his death, my revered Guru MM Gopinath Kaviraja called me and said, “Recently one translation of Siva-Sutras into Hindi and another into English have been brought to my notice. I have been both pained and shocked by the flagrant errors committed by these translators. It is my earnest wish that you prepared another translation of this great book into English”.

The Saiva system of Philosophy and Yoga is generally known as Agama. The world Agama means a traditional doctrine or system which commands faith.

The Saiva system, in general, is known a Siva-sasana or Sivagama. The non-dualistic Saiva system of Kashmir is known as Trika-Sasana or Trika-sastra or Rahasya-sarnpradaya. The world sasana and sastra are very significant. Both contain the root sasa which means discipline. A Sastra or Sasana in India never meant merely an intellectual exposition of a particular system.