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Studies In The Geography Of Ancient And Medieval India

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TITLE: Studies in the Geography of Ancient And Medieval India

AUTHOR: D.C. Sircar

PRICE: £34.99 (UK); $42.07 (US)

PUBLISHER: Motilal Banarsidass International

ISBN-13: 978-81-960066-8-6

EDITION: Hardback

DATE OF PUBLICATION: 15th March 2023





It is a pleasure to me that my Studies in the Geography of Ancient and Medieval India (1960), in spite of its defects, was favourably received by the students of the subject, so that its first edition was exhausted much earlier than was expected.

A decade has now elapsed after the appearance of the first edition of the work, in which about 30 articles were presented in 22 Chapters and 2 Appendices. The number of my articles on geographical topics published during this period is about a dozen and a half. Most of these have been either in corporate in the old Chapters or presented in new Chapters.

The old arrangement has been altered in a few cases. In the present edition, about 45 articles have been presented in 29 Chapters. As in the earlier edition, sometimes more papers than one have been clubbed together for the facility of presentation, and a few articles have been omitted.

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