Educational Books From India – The Top 4 Bestsellers In The UK Last Year

According to the latest report by Nielsen BookData, many of the bestselling English-language books by Indian publishers in the UK during 2018 are either discussed or studied in-depth as bestselling English-language books by Indian publishers art of national curriculum subjects. Read on to discover more about the titles that made it into the top five.

1) Mein Kampf By Adolf Hitler (ISBN 9788172241643)

Hitler wrote this controversial work, which is part manifesto and part autobiography, while in prison after the Beer Hall Putsch (the Nazi party’s failed attempt to seize power in 1923). It topped the list of Indian books sold in the UK during 2018, highlighting its significance to historians and students.

2) Animal Farm By George Orwell (ISBNs 9789380005218 and 9788129116123)

This novella made it to numbers two and three on the list, with two Indian editions being sold in impressive quantities. It’s an allegorical representation of the Russian Revolution in the form of a story of an ill-fated rebellion by farm animals.

3) The Theory Of Everything: The Origin and Fate Of The Universe By Stephen Hawking (ISBN 9788179927939)

The late Stephen Hawking’s impact on physics and cosmology earned him a place on the curriculum, with students being introduced to some of his theories in science lessons. The Theory of Everything is a collection of seven accessible essays which will fascinate astrophysics fans.

4) The Diary Of A Young Girl By Anne Frank (ISBN 9788172345198)

This world-famous and powerful non-fiction book is a must-read for students learning about the Holocaust. It’s the diary of a Jewish teenage girl who, together with her family, was forced to hide from the Nazis in an Amsterdam attic for two years.

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