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THE BODY BOOK, Mehlli Gobhai

Category: Art
Format: 5.8 x 5.7 inches

Binding: Paperback

Page Extent: 30

Imprint: Talking Cub

Territory: World

Pub Date: May 2022

ISBN: 978-93-5447-195-7

Age group: 2 years and above

Price: £5.23

From a great artist and the creator of the bestselling The Tree Book, a lovely little art book on the body.

Key Selling Points
A charming picture book that introduces young readers to the human body.
Mehlli Gobhai is regarded as one of India’s finest painters and illustrators
and produced several internationally acclaimed illustrated books.
This unusual book will also appeal equally to children as well as older
readers. It is also a lovely gift book.

Nose, eyes, lips. Moving hands, running legs.

In this beautiful little art book without words, a great painter shows little ones
(and older ones, too) the wonder that is our body. What are its parts, how does it move? Open this book to learn and to be charmed.

The Illustrator

Mehlli Gobhai (1931–2018) was a painter and illustrator. He completed his undergraduate education at St Xavier’s College and then went on to train as an artist at the Royal College of Art in London, as well as at the Art Students League and the Pratt Graphic Centre in New York. He lived and worked in New York for twenty years and chose to return to Mumbai in the late 1980s. While in New York, he wrote and illustrated several children’s books, including The Legend of the Orange Princess; Lakshmi, the Water Buffalo Who Wouldn’t; and USHA, the Mouse Maiden.