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The Miraculous True History Of Nomi Ali

front cover of the miraculous true history of nomi ali

TITLE: The Miraculous True History Of Nomi Ali

AUTHOR: Uzma Aslam Khan

ISBN: 9789395767767

PRICE: £18.50 (UK); $29.99 (US)

PUBLISHING DATE:  27th February 2023 (UK); 30th April (US)


BINDING: Paperback


GENRE: Fiction

RIGHTS: Indian Sub-territory



Nomi and Zee are Local Borns—their father a convict condemned by the British to the Andaman Islands, their mother shipped off with him. The islands are an inhospitable place, despite their surreal beauty. In this unreliable world, the children have their friend Aye, the pet hen Priya and the distracted love of their parents to shore them up from one day to the next. Meanwhile, within the walls of the prison, Prisoner 218 D wages a war on her jailers with only her body and her memory. When war descends upon this overlooked outpost of Empire, the British are forced out and the Japanese move in. The islands—and the seas surrounding them—become a battlefield, resulting in tragedy for some and a brittle kind of freedom for others.

Ambitiously imagined and hauntingly alive, The Miraculous True History of Nomi Ali writes into being the interwoven stories of people caught in the vortex of history, powerless yet with powers of their own: of bravery and wonder, empathy and endurance. Uzma Aslam Khan’s extraordinary novel is an epic telling of a largely forgotten chapter in the history of the subcontinent.


Uzma Aslam Khan is the author of four previous novels, translated worldwide to critical acclaim. These include Trespassing, nominated for a Commonwealth Prize in 2003; The Geometry of God, a Kirkus Review’s Best Books of 2009 and winner of the Bronze award at the Independent Book Publishers Awards; and Thinner Than Skin, longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize and the DSC Prize for South Asian Literature, and winner of the French Prize for Best Fiction at the Karachi Literature Festival 2014. Her work has appeared in Granta, The Massachusetts Review, The Guardian, Counterpunch, Dawn, Herald, among other anthologies and journals, national and international.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Khan has lived in many locations across the globe, including England, Japan, the Philippines and Oceania. She currently resides in the United States.

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