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The New Sourav Ganguly Autobiography Book Launch

You know the expression “1.3 billion Indians can’t be wrong”? Or maybe you don’t… Most Brits will agree that it is true of curry and many of cricket too. Cricket is more than India’s national sport. It is an institution, something fundamental to the Indian psyche and view of themselves as a people.

Over recent decades cricket has done a lot to bring Indians of different castes and religions together in support of the national team – and to play alongside each other in thousands of local cricket clubs across the country.




Title – A Century Is Not Enough

Author – Ganguly Sourav

ISBN – 9789386228567

Price – £15.99




A Century Is Not Enough

At Motilal Books we completely understand the Indian obsession with cricket and wholeheartedly share it, although our loyalties are somewhat divided during England-India international matches! We are therefore very excited to see the official book launch for Sourav Ganguly’s new autobiography: A Century is not Enough: My Rollercoaster Ride To Success at the Lords Cricket Ground on Monday, 9th July 2018.

Our MD Ray McLennan will be hosting a book table for Souravs guests and cricket Journalists from around the world.

A Controversial Genius

Still only 45, Sourav Ganguly, known to fans as Dada, is a legend of Indian cricket and a successful captain of the Indian cricket team. Undoubtedly a cricketing genius, Ganguly is also an ambivalent character in the public eye, never far from controversy and scandal. His loyal army of fans are nearly matched by his detractors in the media. The 2015 Biography Cricket, Captaincy & Controversy by Saptarshi Sarkar was revealing and positively received, but left a question mark over the great man’s character and some of the big events in his cricketing career.

In some ways A Century Is Not Enough is Dada’s personal reply to Sarkar’s biography: a racy and intimate account of a life lived at full throttle both on and off the cricket pitch.

Read the book for yourself

Available from,, and can be ordered from all good bookshops.

A Century is not enough- My roller coaster ride to success, Sourav Ganguly, isbn 9789386228567, 260pp, HARDBACK, March 2018, £24.50