Books From Pakistan

Books From Pakistan

At Motilal Books we supply an ever expanding catalogue of books from Pakistan across a wide number of genres. Pakistan has seen an explosion in its English-language publishing industry over the past few years. For independent booksellers, Pakistani publishers offer customers a unique perspective on fiction, history, poetry and religious studies – representative of that country’s rich cultural heritage.

Stocking a selection of books from Pakistan is the perfect complement for booksellers with Indian books already on their shelves, or who are just starting to branch out into English-language Asian publications.

Who buys books from Pakistan?

The simple answer is quite a lot of people. There is a large Pakistani immigrant community in the UK who are interested in books and subject matter by Pakistani authors. For many of these readers, especially for second and third generation immigrants, English is their preferred language, especially when it comes to reading material. English-language books from Pakistan are therefore an important window onto their ancestral culture for many British Pakistanis. If you have a shop in an area with a community of Pakistani origin, then you have a ready-made customer base for books from Pakistan.

Beyond the Pakistani diaspora, books from Pakistan have a growing appeal among a non-Asian readership too. Readers with an interest in Islam, Asian history and gritty fiction will all find compelling reasons to pick up books by Pakistani authors.

Pakistani literary topics

Our catalogue of Pakistani book titles includes fiction and non-fiction books from the following categories:

  • Fiction (including romance, crime, fantasy and thrillers)
  • Politics and current affairs
  • Sports biographies and autobiographies (especially suitable for fans of Pakistan’s national sport, cricket)
  • Islamic and religious studies

Stock high quality Pakistani books in your shop

We currently have tens of thousands of titles available to import from Pakistani publishers; a number that is growing all the time. To purchase stock or to find out more, please call us on 01727 761 677, or send a message to

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